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June 2010, Issue 5
knee pain
Four Ways to Minimize Knee Pain

New evidence shows anterior knee pain can be effectively resolved
The Australian Acute Musculoskeletal Pain Guidelines Group has published evidence to support that the early intervention of acute knee pain is critical to healing. The future trend in healthcare is to treat patients using evidence based techniques. With evidence based care, your clinician uses published treatments that have proven effective based on statistical analysis. The following are the results from the Australian study about the treatment of Anterior Knee pain.
Anterior knee pain can be effectively treated by:
1. Staying active.
2. Using in shoe orthotics combined with exercises for the quadriceps and hamstrings muscles of the thigh.
3. Performing daily home exercises with or without taping of the patellofemoral joint (kneecap).
4. Patellofemoral joint mobilizations performed by a physical therapist
This study also reported that no research has been done on the effectiveness of anti-inflammatory medication or acupuncture for anterior knee pain. Currently, there is no scientific evidence to support the use of low level laser therapy knee pain.

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