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March 2010, Issue 2

Ready, Set, Go!

3 ways to get your body ready for Spring activities
Finally, Spring is right around the corner and you should be
getting your body ready for outdoor sports and recreation.

Weekend warriors become frequent visitors to my practice,
so take these necessary steps to prevent injury:
  1. Condition your body with a proper active warm-up routine and stretching. 
  2. Get nagging pains or joint stiffness professionally treated.
  3. Perform a preseason fitness program at least 3 times/week.
Having your body in peak condition will allow you to fully enjoy whatever recreational activities you choose. Call us if you would llke us to analyze your condition with a musculoskeletal screening and educate you on the necessary injury prevention steps.
Dave and Dr Bade
"You and Your Health" 


This month's video feature:
Anterior Cruciate Ligament Injuries to the Athletic Knee

This month's guest on my talk show on Old Bridge television is Dr. Harry Bade, MD an orthopedic surgeon who discusses ACL injuries to the athletic knee and the surgical options available.  Dr. Bade offers 30 years of experience and is a must see for any athletes or parents of athletes. See the video.
Ankle Sprain
Ankle sprains:
the hidden truth

Did you ever sprain or twist your ankle? Were you put in a brace for a few weeks and never told what to do next? Studies show that if you don't get full formal rehabilitation following an ankle sprain, the likelihood of it happening again is high.

A sprain is a stretched or torn ligament. Ligaments connect one bone to another bone at a joint and help keep the bones from moving out of place. It's critical that you rehabilitate in order to prevent the injury from reoccurring.   

For more information, read this article written by Dave Bertone in Jersey Sports News

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"You and Your Health"
Ankle Sprains: The hidden truth

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gravity chest flys
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