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February 2010, Issue 1
Prevent Back Injuries Shoveling Snow
The recent snowstorms that have visited our area makes it crucial that you use caution when shoveling to avoid a back injury.  Always warm-up properly before going outside to shovel by doing gentle leg and back stretching and an active whole body warm-up like jumping jacks or hopping in place.

While shoveling, always use proper body mechanics by maintaining a "hollow" in your lower back and pivoting your feet to throw the snow. Never bend and twist with a heavy load since this increases your risk of injury. And don't forget to give us a call if you need us!

"You and Your Health" TV show cunningham 
Osteoarthritis and Joint Replacement Surgery: What to Expect

This month's guest on my talk show on Old Bridge television is Dr. Michael Cunningham, MD an orthopedic surgeon who discusses Osteoarthritis and Joint replacement surgery.  Dr. Cunningham provides excellent information for anyone considering joint replacement surgery and thoroughtly explains what people should expect before, during and after surgery. Click here to view.
golf swing

Prepare for your best golf season ever!
With golf season fast approaching it is vitally important that you begin to prepare your body for the season. Now is the best time to start!

Why waste your money on a new $400 driver when you can get the same results with proper training? David Bertone, PT, OCS can help you improve your swing and prevent injuries throughout the season. He'll analyze your swing for biomechanical faults and treat your body with manual techniques, stretching and core stability, with guaranteed results.

With Dave's advanced training to add distance and reduce pain for your golf game, you will truly enjoy the season, with minimal pain and maximum ability. Call us today to schedule an appointment. Click here for more information.
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DB Orthopedic Physical Therapy, PC offers clients a hands-on approach to long term healing. We strive to give you fast and effective relief for most injuries or painful episodes.

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A referral is not needed in most cases. Call us today at 732-747-1262.

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Dave Bertone, PT, OCS

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