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Letter of the Week:  October 1, 2012

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Keep those cards/letters coming, our troops enjoy them so.   The stocking project is off to a good start, the elves are working up a sweat filling those stockings.  If you are sewing stockings, please get them in as soon as possible.


Thank you so much for the wonderful care packages you've been mailing.


The men and women of CJIATF 435 are very grateful for everything you do to support deployed Service Members. It's really nice to get a box of goodies from back home because it makes us feel like we're not so far away.   We've been at war over here for over eleven-years and it's great knowing that there are patriots like you still supporting us. It is people like you that make me thankful to be an American. Thank you again for all that you do - you are the reason America is the greatest country in the world.


My time is coming to end here and Jennifer is very excited because I only have 70 days to go until I start traveling back home, see you soon.


I've attached a few pictures.


God Bless!




1SG John 
Thank you very much for the care package.  The letters were very heartwarming & humbling.  The goodies will come in handy and my soldiers enjoyed the candy very much.  You covered everything we could need.  The body wash & shampoo are always good.  It's a little sandy here.  Can't quite get the beach feeling to go away, even after a few showers a day.  We really appreciate the support and it is not forgotten.  Soldiers love having their names called at mail rounds and you definitely brightened my day!  I didn't know that you could fit so much stuff in one box.  I thought my duffle bag had a lot in it until I opened this box.   Please keep supporting the troops, even if you don't agree with the mission.  It cannot be explained how important these letters are. I hope you are getting the feedback you need & deserve.   Thanks again and God Bless.

CPT John