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Letter of the Week:  September 24, 2012

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This past Saturday the elves at OSOT America began filling the stockings that will be shipped this holiday season.  For many of our troops, this will be the first holiday they have spent away from their families and friends.   What a great reminder that America has not forgotten them when they receive those stuffed to the top stockings!

I wanted to let you know that I received a care package from your organization and it was great! I am retired Air Force and was not expecting this care package. It definitely brightened my day to know that I was not forgotten even though I am no longer on active duty. I'm here in Afghanistan as a contractor supporting my fellow brothers and sisters in arms in some small way.


I am returning to the states next month so you can remove my name from your mailing list, but know that I am forever appreciative of what your organization does for the troops.  

My box arrived in excellent condition and I found everything inside to be of use to myself or one of my fellow co-workers.


I'm attaching a picture of myself and my son, who just arrived in country. He's the reason I am returning to the states, the family doesn't want both of us in-country and I can appreciate that. I've added his and a few others from his company into your database.


Thanks for everything you do!







I received the care package today...I love the letters included.  They were very touching and much appreciated.   I am a strong believer in the power of prayer and am grateful that there will be many voices requesting me and my family's well-being...very awe-inspiring.  My Soldiers and I are grateful for the goodies.   :D


It is the small things that can place a smile on a soldier's face.


God Bless all those involved.


SFC Dominique