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Letter of the Week: September 3, 2012

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As you can see from today's letters, our troops are so impressed by our packages that they want to see more arriving for their fellow troops.   We received 285 new names on Saturday, 118 more came in today.  That's in addition to the ones submitted via the website (and the 35 added in the letter below).   If you know someone that is deployed, please encourage them to send us the names of those serving with them.  We are gearing up for our stocking project, we want to show  all of our troops that America has NOT forgotten them.

Recently one of my Marines received a package from your organization, and may I say, it was the best package I have seen in all four combat deployments I have been on. Everything in there was useful and a morale lifter. I would like to include a roster of my Plt. We are an artillery unit and the only cannons left in Afghanistan. We are in a remote location and with everything being so very scarce, the morale that you provide is immeasurable.  I saw the morale in my Marine instantly go up when he opened your package, if I can see that in all my Marines, that would be a great day. We will be back to the States in February, so we have a couple more months out here.  On the roster you will find the Last name, first name  of the Marines in my PLT.  Our addresses are all the same.  


Once again, thank you so very much for your contribution and for being a true patriot!


With all the love and Semper Fi!



SSgt Javier
(He included 35 new names)


I have received several boxes with really great items, thank you for sharing with us over here.


I will be leaving here soon and will return home to my wife and 4 kids!


Please do not send any other items to me after the month of August as it will be returned to you.


You can continue sending items to my replacement (we have trouble getting Pringles if you want to send some of those).


I included a few pictures from out visit to the infamous Kunar Province http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kunar_Province of me, my Afghan interpreter Hasmat, and Afghan Colonel I advise. We climbed up to an old castle here that overlooks a few key valleys that come together and overlooks the Kunar River.


Thanks again for the letter and care package stuff!



MAJ Kurt