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Letter of the Week:  August 27, 2012

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 Our troops love receiving our packages.  As a member, it's your duty to keep us informed of anyone that you know who is currently serving in harm's way so that we can ship them a package.  If you have a loved one deployed, encourage them to give us names of the people serving by their side.  We want all of our troops to know that America has NOT forgotten them.  You will feel good knowing that you made their day a little brighter!

Some of our troops are having their deployments shortened by a month or more, please inform us if that is the case of someone whose name you have submitted.  We don't want to spend postage and have the box returned because they are safely back in the USA.  We'd rather put a smile on someone else's face that is serving in harm's way.
I just received your massive care package, thank you so very much. I didn't even know that I was on your mailing list (or that you even knew who I was) but thank you for this amazing surprise. The movies are very thoughtful too, I was beginning to run out of stuff to watch. I also attached a picture of me opening the care package at your request.
Again thank you and God bless
SPC Keevin

Thank you everyone for all your support and kind words.  We will be home soon (by the grace of God) to our family and friends.


I appreciate all you do and sent for us while deployed as the deployment is coming to an end.


I myself am married and have two little ones of my own. I miss them dearly.  My daughter's name is Ana Delia, she will be six on Aug 12.  My son, Justin Alberto will be five on Sept 19th.   Thanks again to all the little ones who write to us and are curious about what we do.  We are here to protect them and their freedom which is the American way of life.  I love you all--family & friends, near and far.  Take care and God bless "Team USA".  The land of the free, home of the brave.   Everything you have sent and done and are still doing, I thank you and appreciate from the bottom of my heart.


With love and patronage,

SGT Claudett

US Army


Everyone is doing great- READY TO COME HOME!