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Letter of the Week:  August 20, 2012

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It's so heartwarming to read these letters from our troops and realize that we've packed exactly what they need.  Please keep those cards and letters coming, they really appreciate those a lot.

Your generous package arrived today. It was in great shape and filled with wonderful items that being distributed as we speak. For myself, I grabbed the flyswatter. I hate flies and they can get rather annoying at times. I forgot how common they were in Iraq and failed to pack a swatter in my gear for Afghanistan.


The enclosed letters were particularly enjoyable. It is wonderful to see such an outpouring of support; especially by our Nation's youngest.  Very inspiring and humbling.


We cannot than you enough for your generosity and your support. It is knowing that there are wonderful American's such as yourselves that really means the world to us.


Your enclosed card mentioned that we could nominate someone else who might need a box. If I might, I have two names.


The first is in a route clearance company. This unit has three route clearance platoons of about 30 soldiers per and a HQ section of about 20. This unit is out on the border on a smaller FOB. They have one of the most dangerous jobs in the country going out looking for IEDs in a place with an extremely high likelihood of finding them.


The second is the 62nd Engineer Battalion based out of

Kandahar.   They have four companies of construction engineers that toil in the heat building and deconstructing bases in the middle of nowhere for weeks and months with few if any amenities. Both the Chaplain and the Commander will ensure proper distribution to these deserving soldiers.


Again, thank you so much for your generosity and your support.





My time for this deployment is coming to an end. I am officially now just under 30 days left. That means that my replacement will be coming in a few weeks, and we will transition all of our "chaplain" duties. And one of the wonderful chaplain duties I have is handing out the gracious love and support packages you send my way.


So for the next month, if you would like to continue sending any packages to my soldiers, please address the packages this way (just to make sure they make it to us).


Then after the month of September, you can just drop my name from the package and send them directly to the new chaplain. I know he would love to continue handing out your love and support. He will be here in Afghanistan for nine months.


Thank you to all of you for your support to my soldiers during our deployment. Being the conduit of your love and support to my soldiers has been a highlight for me this deployment. I loved being able to receive your packages and had out the "goodies" to my soldiers. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.







Chaplain Stanton