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Letter of the week:  August 6, 2012

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OSOT America offers people the chance to help show their support for our troops.  One of the ways we do this is our "Sponsor a Box" program.   Donate $25 (make a note on your check to "sponsor a box") and that will pay the postage on a single package.  We will include a note that says you paid the postage to sponsor that box.   Recently one man who had sponsored before, forwarded us the note he'd received from the person who got the package.  He was so thrilled, he sent a check for $100 to sponsor four more packages!
Thank you for the package, we received it today.   It was filled with great stuff for us.  We appreciate what you do for us and we thank you.  Everything arrived just fine.   I really enjoy reading the letters from the children thanking us.  We appreciate knowing that what we do does not go unnoticed.  We are expected to return just before Christmas this year.  Again, thank you for what you do and God Bless.

Very Respectfully,
SSG Timothy
My name is Juan, I am a second lieutenant currently serving a tour in Afghanistan from May to December 2012.  I recently received one our your packages.  On behalf of my unit, I cannot thank you enough.  Mail is a very big morale booster here, so it was nice to share everything in the package with my fellow team members.  Here's a picture for you.
Thank you again.

Respectfully yours,
2LT Juan