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Letter of the Week:  July 9, 2012

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Less than two weeks remain until our ROCKIN' for the Troops concert on July 21st.  We hope that you have already purchased your tickets and encouraged everyone that you know to buy one.   Even if they can't attend, please let them know that the cost of a ticket will pay the postage on one box going to the troops.   You know from reading these thank you letters that those packages do make their days a little brighter!


Please remember that all ticket money and unsold tickets must be turned in by this Saturday, July 14th.

Thank you so much for your support of our unit here in Musa Qaleh, Afghanistan.  Receiving mail and supplies is always a morale boost. We are a Scout Sniper Platoon.  There are 8 of us total.  We have a broad range of people with team members from Alaska to Nebraska.  Two of us are from Illinois.  My corpsman is from the Joliet area, and I'm from the Mundelein/Libertyville area.  We have been conducting combat operations since early March, and we will be here until September.   Your support makes our job out here a little easier and a little more comfortable.  I know that many will not have the opportunity to write back, but know that they appreciate all you do and send their gratitude.  I hope this letter finds everyone happy and well, and thanks again for your support.
SGT Steve
I just received a care package from your organization and - WOW!  I could not believe how truly wonderful it is.  Obviously a lot of love, care, and thought went into it.   I commend your people for what they are doing-really a terrific surprise for me.  I am going to write to the 5th graders who enclosed notes.  I can't say enough about the good work you all do.  Oh, by the way, name is SSG Dennis from California, and I am part of a Chemical Company.

Just wanted to say THANK YOU!!!

The granddaughter of one of our members made this for the troops:
Supports you
Thank you for everything you DO!
 Then she drew an American flag under it. 

What a heartfelt message for those serving in harms way.