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Letter of the Week:  July 2, 2012


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As the summer heat kicks in here in Illinois, please be mindful of the sacrifices our troops are making for us.  Because of them, our nation is free.


If you haven't already gotten a new concert t-shirt to wear in the Wheaton 4th of July parade, remember that the G&P warehouse is open Tuesday, July 3rd from 1-4 to pick up shirts.

Thank you for all your wonderful gifts you have sent us.   I personally have enjoyed the encouraging notes.  It is always helpful to know that people still care for the soldiers even after all the time we have spent here.  This is my second tour in Afghanistan and I have experienced many things but the most profound is the strength and endurance to never quit moving forward after reading a note in the many care packages we receive.  These notes remind me that people still care about the United States Military and all the men and women that serve.  This is the most important feeling we need,  to know that we are not wasting our time and that we are cared for.   Thank you for all your support.

PFC Patrick


I just want to thank you for the wonderful package. It made my day.


Have a nice day,


SGT Fred 
And a thank you for the baby basket:

Thank you all so much for the incredibly generous gifts.  Being so far from home can be difficult at times, but having the support of people as kind & selfless as you all make things a little easier.  What you do for the troops really makes a difference and we are so grateful for it.

Thanks again and God Bless!

James, Caitlin and Adeline