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Letter of the Week:  June 18, 2012

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Our largest fundraiser is our ROCKIN' for the Troops concert.   Proceeds from it completely fund the postage expense of our packages.   If you have not already purchased your $25 ticket, please do so soon.  Even if you are not certain that you can attend, buy a ticket-that $25 will pay the postage on a single box sent to our troops! Tickets are available through our ROCKIN' website (click on the link at the left), at participating Jewel stores, or from our members.  Members may pick up tickets on Tuesday afternoons from 4-6 at the G&P warehouse.   Tickets are also available on any packing date at both warehouses.


ROCKIN' 2012 concert t-shirts will be available for sale this Wednesday, June 20th from 6-8 pm at the G&P warehouse.    The new red t-shirts are $15 each.   Additional dates/hours to purchase shirts will be in this week's announcements. 


Thank you very much for the care package.


I was very surprised to receive it. The box was amazingly full. Someone must of used a shoe horn to get it all in there.


The first thing I opened was a package of nuts and the letters. I really enjoyed the letters of support. I'll write back to everyone that provided an address to say thanks.


I'm sure I'll be enjoying all the delicious treats for weeks to come.


I appreciate all of the efforts of everyone who put this package together.


Thank you very much!!!




CPT Michael

FOB Tillman


 Here is a copy of a painting that a friend of mine made of the going away ceremony. The picture was picked up by a magazine too, so I guess my back is famous now. There goes my 15 seconds...







I would like to say thank you for the care packages I have received from your organization. This is my 4th deployment to OEF and each time I always receive a package from you. Twice now I have been stuck out in the middle of nowhere and ran out of a supply and then BAM!!!!! Like somebody was reading my mind and there is package from you containing the item I needed. I can't thank you enough. On behalf of all America's finest men and women serving here, we thank you from the bottom of our hearts for all of your support. Thank you and God Bless.


The questionnaire that accompanied the care package asked when my deployment was up and some other questions.


My deployment is from Dec 2011 to Sep 2012, I will be gone.....HOPEFULLY!!! by the 15th of September 2012. All of my packages have arrived in perfect condition, no damages or leaks. All items are appropriate (I wish I could get some cold beer)especially the root beer barrels, those are my favorite hee hee. I am going to use the card and ask around if anybody else would like a box also.


Thanks again,

MSgt David

MI-17 Instructor Flight Medic



Here is a picture of me with a great American Patriot, Toby Keith.  He'd just signed my red Solo Cup!