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Letter of the Week:  June 11, 2012

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Our communication with our troops helps us to know what they need.   The recent suicide bomber attack at FOB Salerno left the base without their main dining facility and their PX.  So they reached out to us for help.  Fortunately 20 of our boxes had went out to them in our June 2nd pack (which they have already received!).    Seeing an immediate need, we packed up 24 flat rate boxes of food last week to help them.  And of course, more will be packed for them on Saturday during our regular packing.


As a member, if you ever hear of a need such as this, please let us know immediately and we'll reach out and help.

Thank you very much for the box.  I received the box in good condition with many great items inside.   I was pretty surprised to see this great care package personally addressed to me.   A lot of large care packages like these are sent over and the chaplain's office does a great job of opening up a shop and soldiers come by to get stuff.


This care package is very appreciated by myself and my platoon.   As I am writing this, guys are coming by and snagging stuff.


With the current political climate stateside, as well as the political stresses put on us here, it is very reassuring to know that the good people of the United States still support the soldiers.   The majority of us in my profession signed up to defend our country, and go fight these terrorists/people who want to kill us.


A little about me:  I am from a small north east Texas town.   I joined the Army when I was 17.  I am 27 now and this is my 3rd deployment.


Again, thank you very much for this care package.  I wish I could personally write to everyone involved in making these awesome boxes.  I am counting on you, the reader of this letter to let all these great people know of our thankfulness of their support.





This isn't a traditional thank you from the troops, it's from the family, received by one of our members:


Also, I was going thru my e-mails and I saw that you mentioned to me a while ago about OSOT America.  Well, my cousin was deployed about a month ago and I added his name to the list at OSOT America and they immediately sent him a HUGE package, he was SO happy and grateful.  I wanted to say thank you for mentioning that to us.  It meant the world to our family.  

This is what his dad said about it:  
"Carolina  (Chango's wife) put Anthony's name on a list with Operation Support Our Troops America in Naperville and they immediately sent him a huge box of goods. He received it over this past weekend and he was shocked and overcome with excitement. Anthony was on the phone with his mother as he was going through the box and she said he was whipping out stuff left and right to everyone around him. The place was going absolutely crazy! JoAnne immediately called me with tears of joy. It was just one of those hair-raising, tear-jerking moments I thought I share with you all.

These troop have been gone for about a month now and I think they are realizing how long and tough 9+ months away from family and friends is actually going to be. What makes even tougher is that our soldiers have to be completely focused on what they were trained to do there because they are on daily missions in hostile areas. So these packages from home mean the world to them!"


And last, another example of a great letter sent to us to include in the packages:


Dear Soldier,


Thank you for your service to our country.   I greatly appreciate it.  You have given so much of yourself to defend our country. I do not have the bravery that you possess, but I'm glad that you are so selfless and willing to fight for our country.   I know it must have been hard to go off and fight leaving all of your loved ones.  For this I applaud you and I hope that you receive any and all supplies you need to live healthily and as safely as possible while you are on your mission.


The turmoil we would face from other countries without you is unthinkable.  Your service to our country is not only affecting us, but those in other countries as well.  Your presence is both needed and wanted by many people.  You have taken up a great responsibility in serving for your country and I assume you perform your duties splendidly.  I wish I had your courage and I admire you for it.  We need more people like you to take up a duty and perform it well.    Thank you for your service and dedication.  It is well appreciated and I hope for your safe return soon.   Thank you.