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Letter of the Week:  June 4, 2012

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Often the letters we receive thank us for including the cards and letters of support, especially from the children.   As you can imagine, when school is not in session, we get fewer of those letters.   If you have a family event, please toss out some blank cards or sheets of paper so your family can express their gratitude.  Markers, crayons, and a few stickers will brighten up the notes.    If you are babysitting the grandchildren, let them create a card.  This is also a great project for VBS.  We want our troops to know that America has NOT forgotten them-all year long.

 Thank you so much for the huge package of goodies. I actually received 2 on the same day, a regular box as well. All the toiletries, and the cards and letters from the kids were great. I really appreciated the Girl Scout cookies.I shared the boxes with the rest of the unit and they greatly appreciated everything as well. It seems I put on a little weight after receiving the packages.


  I am doing well. Some days we are busy, some days not so much. On the slow days we spend time at the gym. One of the sergeants here is training for a full Ironman in Nov. He does 2 hr workouts some days. I am completely exhausted by then. It does help pass the time.  Nancy probably told you that I do a lot of things way out of my normal practice. Since there is only a general surgeon and myself, I do a lot of assisting him on belly cases. I haven't been in on a belly since my internship 27 years ago. I also do chest tubes and femoral lines. I don't do any of these things back home. Good thing there aren't any malpractice lawyers here. It actually is different and fun for me. We do most of our work on Afghanistan soldiers, but some American boys, which is still emotionally hard for me. Glad that is not too often though.


  Thanks again for thinking of me and my unit.



I got the package and it is so awesome!!!! Oh my goodness I can't thank you enough-the hygiene stuff was enough for my squad! The letters were pretty awesome too. It feels so nice reading handwritten letters from kids, it a bit heart warming. It feels great to be appreciated. I did not have a camera to take a picture of the stuff so I apologize. But I'll make sure to get one when I get the next package. You guys are really doing a wonderful job and I hope you guys continue with this program. I can't express how much this means to soldiers like me. I'm looking forward for the next package! I just can't wait to get my hands on them goodies again. I hope you guys had a wonderful Memorial Day weekend! Thank you for your relentless support and God Bless you all! - PFC Nicu