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Letter of the Week: May 28, 2012

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Many Americans believe that today is a day to celebrate not having to go to work.   We want everyone to realize that this is a day to honor all those who serve our nation and are willing to lay down their lives to keep America free.  We offer our gratitude to every veteran who raised their hand and took the oath to protect and defend our country.  We recognize the sacrifices that many families have made in defense of our freedom.


This week we heard from the recipient of our 1 millionth pound package!

2012_0524_1Mlb box


It is always a pleasure to receive a care package from home, but to receive the one millionth pound box and have it autographed by Gary Sinise was a great surprise. As always the generosity of OSOT America and the local community continues to amaze me. There was more than enough in the box to share with everyone from the hospital and they all ask me to extend their thanks and gratitude.



Since the last email that I sent I have been moved to a different hospital. Unlike my last one, this is a multinational facility. It is run and staffed by the Spanish, but augmented by teams from Bulgaria and the United States. I serve as the chief of the trauma service and regardless of who's on call evaluate all of the wounded.


The base itself has quite an international flair as there are several other countries also represented on this base and is a great reminder of what can be accomplished with teamwork.


Thanks again for all of your time and effort, it is truly appreciated. I look forwarding to getting to meet all of you when I redeploy.




CPT Timothy

Staff Surgeon

10th Combat Support Hospital



On behalf of my entire unit I would like to thank you for the enormous and heavy package of treats that you sent.   These care packages are always appreciated as we don't have a great supply chain of the non-essential foods.  I am really impressed and moved by how much your organization cares for the soldiers and the way you are able to get everyone to donate the snacks and toiletries is heartwarming.   Thank you for all you do for us.

SPC Mark 
This is a thank you from a family that received one of our baby baskets while daddy was deployed.

THANK YOU from the bottom of our hearts!   We wanted to thank you all for all you do for us and the troops!  Thank you so much for the care package and items for our son.  We truly appreciate it.

Love always,
Brian & Cherry