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Letter of the Week:  May 21, 2012

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At our ticket kickoff Gary Sinise signed five of our regular boxes, plus our one millionth pound package.   Those boxes were sent out on May 5th.    Today we  heard from the first two recipients of those special boxes.     If your loved one receives one of these packages, please be sure to share that with the other members.  We can't wait to find out who is the lucky recipient of our 1M lb box!  We love to see pictures of their smiles as they realize that America has NOT forgotten them.

2012_0521_Gary Signed box arrives#1

Thank you for another great box. What a big surprise to find it was signed by Gary Sinise! That's awesome!


I've received a lot of care packages over the four deployments I've been on. Without a doubt the ones from OSOT America are among the best. When I put them out to share with my teammates, the box is always nearly empty within an hour. Everyone here says "Thank You!"


Please pass on our thanks to all the volunteers who make OSOT America possible. Being deployed is never easy, but knowing there are a lot of great Americans back home who support us makes our sacrifices easier.


Keep Rockin'



Khost, Afghanistan

Hello; support troops Thank you very much for the packages, being far from home is not easy-you start to think what I'm doing here, if anybody understands or appreciates what we are doing, thank God there people like you that support us. I'm from Puerto Rico.  I serve as an ARMY Reserve in the 246 QMCO,  a really special reserve unit in that our job is very sensitive, we honor the fallen. We are the first step for the fallen heroes to get back home. You can imagine how difficult is that step. I'm in Afghanistan very very far from home surrounded by cold mountains. The ARMY gives us training, uniform, money and food but your team give us the thing that we all need the word thanks.


Thank and God bless you.


SGT Luis


Thank you so much for the wonderful care package you sent. I was thrilled when I saw it was signed by such a great American, Gary Sinise.


I am a big fan of Gary's and felt so special when I saw he personally signed my care package. The care package was huge, so I was able to share it with all of the guys on my team. I'd also like to thank you for being there for Jennifer while I'm away, she is doing so much better than my last deployment and I know it has a lot to do with her involvement in OSOT America. I'm going on my sixth month as a First Sergeant in a combat zone and so far it has been the most challenging and rewarding job I've ever had. The hours are long and the days are stressful, but I truly love what I'm doing here. I'll be home in July for R&R and hope to see everyone at 'Rockin for the Troops.' I am very grateful for what OSOT America does for the men and women (and families) serving this fine nation. I salute you.


God Bless!




I've included some pictures...

Presenting an award to one of my Soldiers, SPC Joseph, for a job well done. I can't say enough about the personnel that work for me, they're exceptional.



 SFC Ronald and I,  he's a good friend from my home unit at Ft. Sheridan and just arrived in theater, so we met for lunch at an Afghan restaurant. It's always nice to see someone from home.



 The care package signed by Gary Sinise. The personally autographed care package and pictures were awesome!



A Navy Seabee and I doing some wiring in a container that we're turning into useable space for the troops.



My team and I just before a mission.