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Letter of the Week:  May 14, 2012

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As the temperatures rise in the locations of our troops, requests like the ones below will increase.   Thanks to OSOT America members John Rabb and the VetCom ministry at the Compass Church, we have enough foot powder that each of our packages will contain that item through the end of the year.

Good morning! My name is Hope and I am an Assistant Station Manager at the Camp Arifjan, Kuwait Red Cross. We received your packages! Thank you very much for your donations! The servicemembers enjoy receiving these small comforts from home :)


I am emailing you, because in your flyer you mentioned that we could request items, and if able, you would send them to us for distribution to the troops. As the summer months are approaching, and the heat is rising - everyone is drinking more water. The servicemembers put drink mixes in their water. As we have almost run out of our supply, I would like to request the individual drink mix packets (such as Crystal Light, Hawaiian Punch, Gatorade, Propel, etc.) These drink mixes are a favorite among the servicemembers.


I would also like to request phone cards for the servicemembers if possible. It is another item that goes very quickly here, as everyone likes to call home and speak to loved ones.


Thanks so much for your donations!!


Thank you for the package that you sent in support of all of the Soldiers of the 4th BCT 82nd Airborne Division.   We sincerely appreciate all the support that is given to us and realize that it is vital to our success.   We thoroughly enjoyed the snacks and letters.  The Soldiers also found the much needed toiletries very useful.


In the present situation, we have found that the hardest work is done by Americans back home.  This is why we also appreciate the support that is being given to our families and loved ones who are waiting for our return.   Everyone here is proud to call ourselves Americans for the work that you do.