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Letter of the Week:  April 30, 2012

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Over and over you hear us remind our members to keep spreading the word about OSOT America.  The first letter below will help drive home how important this is for the morale of our troops and their families.  One of our members reached out to the other parents/family members in their support group and encouraged them to sign their loved ones up for a package from OSOT America.  This woman did and as a result was blessed with a great thank you from her son!  She in turn wanted to thank us for supporting those in harm's way.

Please read both letters below and be aware that in the future when you tell someone about OSOT America, you too might be doing something that not only results in the servicemember receiving a package, it might also create a great dialogue in a family conversation!  We want all of our troops to know that
America has NOT forgotten them!

THANK YOU SOOOO MUCH! The package my sailor son received brought him to tears. The email he sent me after receiving it was the longest I have gotten so far. He was really touched- loved the letters from the kids. Said that even though they didn't know who they were writing to, he cherished every one of them. There is a special place in heaven for you and all who are involved in this project!


She also shared the email that her son sent to her:


Today I got a care package, and I thought it was from you guys but it was from operation support our troops America, they are out of Illinois. Its awesome, they sent me  EVERYTHING! Magazines, comics from the news paper, socks, toilet paper, Gatorade single serves, movies, and the thing that made me feel the best was the letters from kids in 8th grade and below telling me how I'm their hero, the letters weren't addressed to me but still it was amazing, it brought tears to my eyes. I felt so SPECIAL!




The 375th Combat Sustainment Support Brigade is comprised of several units from all over the country and each unit has Soldiers from all walks of life.   When Soldiers are deployed, receiving care packages can be a big morale booster.
We were delighted to receive the care package you sent, and the soldiers were excited to go through it.   The snacks and hygiene items that were included have been in high demand.  The soldiers are all very grateful.  Your contribution has made a difference to the soldiers here that were able to enjoy it.

We have four months left on our tour, and we are very much looking forward to coming home.   The weather here is starting to get very hot; summertime in Afghanistan has arrived.  We stay very busy here, especially in the chaplain's office area.  We keep snacks, cold drinks, games, books, and magazines that are available to the soldiers at any time.  The soldiers really appreciate this service after a long dusty mission.  The care packages that we receive enable us to provide for these soldiers as well as provide necessities such as personal hygiene products and toiletries.  Once again,  the soldiers of the 375th CSSB thank you for your dedication to the troops.

Support the Fight,
CPT Levi
Battalion Chaplain