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Letter of the Week:  April 23, 2012

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We love knowing that we are putting smiles on the faces of our troops and making their days just a little bit brighter.   This is possible through our wonderful sponsors, our generous community, and our dedicated members.


It breaks our hearts to think that there are still troops out there not receiving any mail.   Some troops don't have anywhere to "shop" for their needed supplies.  That's why our packages mean so much to them.


Please continue to spread the word about OSOT America.  Ask your friends, families, and co-workers if they'd like to attend our ROCKIN' for the Troops concert on July 21st at Cantigny Park in Wheaton.   Tickets go on sale after our ticket kickoff on May 3rd, we ask that all members try to sell as many tickets as possible.  (if you are reading this and you are not a member, please ask the person that sent it to you how you can purchase a ticket!)

Thank you for sending the care package, it arrived here a few days ago. I am enjoying the many snacks and the hygiene items came just in time.  I am at a small outpost so we don't have a PX (store) to pick most of that kind of stuff up at.
I am part of a route clearance unit and we are stationed out of Ft Lewis, Washington.  However, I grew up in the Chicago area, very close to Naperville (a few miles east).
To help update your records, here is my address.  We should be leaving in July, not too much longer.

Again, thank you for the box and remembering us over here.

God Bless,
1LT David
My name is COL Lisa, I am the officer in charge of the Behavioral Health Clinic in Kuwait.
At the clinics, we stock some shelves with toiletries, snack items, and other small reminders of home.  Supplies have been running low and I saw this envelope in an empty box--and I wondered if you might help support us?
In appreciation,