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Letter of the Week:  April 16, 2012

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While we are grumbling about paying taxes, the brave men and women who serve our nation are plodding on, working around the world in defense of our country.  

It's such a small thing to send them a package to remind them of how appreciative we are of their service.   Keep those cards/letters coming, they obviously go a long way to boost the morale of our troops.
Thank you so much for sending me a package. I have shared it with all the other soldiers in my office. I am here in Egypt stationed with Task Force Sinai, Multinational Force and Observers. We work with may different contingents here at the MFO. There are Canadian, Hungary, Columbian, Fiji, British, Australian, New Zealand, Uruguay, Czechoslovakia, France, Italy, Norwegian, and U.S here at North and South Camp. There are a few or more from each Country and we all work together to accomplish our mission.I am at North Camp it is in the Sinai. South Camp is by the Red Sea. They are both small camps. I live here at North Camp and I usually travel to South Camp at least once a month. I work in our transportation office. We all work together to move cargo, people, supplies, and equipment where it needs to go. Packages arrive faster here then does letter mail. I sent a letter to my husband and it took almost 4 months to get to him. Packages take about 2 weeks.The package was sent 31 March 2012 and arrived 15 April 2012.
Please thank everyone for me. Sponsor: Bill and Gertie S. from Dresden, TN, D. Rickert from Naperville IL, Letters from Sharon M, of Chicago, Arielle S. and Jennifer from Catholic Charities, Diocese of Joliet Foster Grandparent Program.

I am a female SGT in the US Army. I was in Iraq for 15 months, Afghanistan for 12 months and now I am in Egypt for a year may be two. At this time I will be here til Nov 2012 may get extended to Nov 2013. I have been active duty 1979-1980 US Air Force (met 1st husband in Air Force), 1981-1985 U.S. Navy ( Met my 2nd husband in the Navy). U.S. Army Reserves 2002-2006. Active Duty Army 2006-present. I will be turning 51 in June 2012. I have three daughters turning 21, 26, and 32 this year. My husband and I will be married 27 years this June.

Thank you again for sending me a package. May God Bless and Keep you all Safe.

SGT Louella


I have appreciated your support during this deployment to Afghanistan.


I am finally going home to my family, but I would like to nominate my replacements for support from your outstanding organization.


Thanks and God bless for your charity!


MAJ Gamble