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Letter of the Week:  March 19, 2012

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Thanks to all that are proudly wearing our shirts, reminding our troops that America has NOT forgotten them.
It is my prayer that this letter finds you in good health and prosperous.  On behalf of Task Force MED-SW, I would like to wish you and your organization a Happy New Year!  Because of your kindness and generosity we indeed enjoyed a wonderful holiday season.

Thank you for your donation of snacks, stockings, and gifts to Task Force MED-SW. 

The tokens of love were more thoughtful than we ever imagined, and really added a touch of home during our separation from our families and friends.  I personally heard several Soldiers commenting on the difference that they made.

Please know that your liberality will help the Soldiers continue to make a difference in the lives of the Afghan people and the global community.   Let there be peace on Earth!!

Hospital Chaplain

A big thanks to every single person in your organization!  Your efforts and selfless volunteerism help make all of us here feel a little bit of home.  Your care packages always bring a smile and we can't thank you enough for your kindness.  Take care and God Bless America!

The Security Assistance Office - Afghanistan
(signed by members of the team)