Operation Support Our Troops - America 
Letter of the Week: March 12, 2012






We are saddened by recent events, sometimes we don't really have the words to show our troops what they mean to us.   This morning we received this via email:


Again very much appreciate the tangible support you and your organization provide us. With the way the news has been going lately from a media that misses the point we need the touch from people that care.


OSOT America is that hand on their shoulders showing them that America has NOT forgotten our troops.


We have just received your package.  We would like to thank you for all the goodies!  It is a great feeling to know there are people out there to help comfort the war-fighters.  We appreciate all that you do, and the time you volunteer.

Thank you and God bless.

CPL Stephanie, SGT Manny, CW03 Craig, and GYSGT Jagger

Friends, Family, Americans at Operation Support Our Troops!


Thank you for remembering those of us over here in Afghanistan. Whether it is hot, brown and dusty; cold white and beautiful; or wet, gray and muddy - it is always shining when we get boxes, cards and wishes from you!


It is humbling and exciting to see a OSOT box in my spot! To dig thru the box of goodies to keep and to share the things of home. As strange as it may seem the soft toilet paper is something I appreciate and horde to myself. While I have not responded back I very much appreciate the cards and notes for Eddie and Erik and Sara and so many others. With magnets and tape, your notes of caring are stuck up on the wall of my can along with the pictures from girlfriend and aunt. There is a valentine red heart mobile hanging from the overhead that turns a green can into bright spot of home.


Thank you for sending enough to brighten our day/week/month but also for us to share with the our comrades; living, standing and walking beside us. Your very generous support to us allows us to share with others which returns so much more to us. You make that happen.


As I start packing to go back home you can redistribute those goodies you have been sending to me to others. My Room mates' son in now deployed here, a father and a son deployed away from their family at the same time. As thankfully you can drop me from your list I would like to request you add his son.