Operation Support Our Troops - America 
Letter of the Week:  March 5, 2012




The letters we receive so often touch our hearts because they show us how grateful our troops are to receive our packages.   The young man pictured below is especially meaningful to our organization, not only because he's in a place to accept boxes of items for our wounded troops, but because his family is a part of our OSOT America family.   After he deployed, his father learned about the organization. His wife had moved here to have help with their small children, she joined.  Then her sister joined.  They work in the warehouse, they attend FRST meetings.   Tim's wife, Sara, has made it her mission to clothe all of their family in our new green America has not forgotten tshirts!  We are so lucky to have met this entire family.  Bet Tim comes in the warehouse when he returns.


Thank you so much for the care packages that you have sent.  I consider myself extremely lucky to come from such a generous community.  Everything has gone to good use and been shared with my entire team from the 10th Combat Support Hospital and 684th Area Support Medical Company.  The clothing and other supplies for patients was exactly what we needed.  Its rather cold in the helicopters when our patients are evacuated to the next level of care and socks were something that we definitely needed for them.  Keep up the good work.




Timothy, DO, CPT(P)
Staff Surgeon

10th Combat Support Hospital


As a followup to this email, we wrote to ask Tim if there was anything else that we could ship to him.  Here's his response:


Most of my patients are local nations.  Unfortunately I've had to take care of a small number of kids and it really breaks your heart to see how little these kids have (it really makes you appreciate getting to live in America).  The last pair of kids I treated just came back last week for a follow up visit and were still wearing the clothes that I gave them two weeks prior when they were discharged from the hospital.  It looked like they had been wearing the clothes every day (as if they were their only clothes).  If you guys have any kids clothing or toys I could definetly put them to good use.  The local Afghans that we treat are always extermely appreciative of anything we can give them and the kids eyes just light up when we give them a soccer ball or a stuffed animal.

You can bet a few more boxes will be heading Tim's way soon!





Today I just got back from visiting a few remote outposts to celebrate mass for the troops and found a nice surprise on my return, which came in the form of your care package!  Thank you so much for your generosity to our men and women who serve our great country.


Sometimes it is those small gestures that are filled with great love that can make a soldier's day.  There may be that one item they have been craving for a while and suddenly it comes to them from home.   Gestures like these can certainly boost the soldier's morale.


As with any care package, many share what they have with others.  When I opened the box, it was like Christmas all over again.  It was great to see the smiles on their faces as they grabbed what they wanted.  Then after that, we usually place the remaining items in our "corner store" in which any soldier can get any items from there (free of charge, of course!).


Thank you once again for taking the time, effort, and care to send the package.  It means more than you know.



CH Chris

82nd Airborne Chaplain