Operation Support Our Troops - America 
Letter of the Week:  February 27, 2012
In addition to our packages, the most requested thing our troops ask for is continued prayer.   Our support shows them that America has NOT forgotten them.
I just want to say special thanks to your and your team for all the support you have displayed and provided for our soldiers over the years.

I received a care package, which I'm very grateful and appreciative. Please say thanks to all the students who have spent precious time to write numerous letters and notes to our troops.

As a female soldier, I'm very proud to wear this uniform and also to defend our great country, the United States of America.

I wish everyone all the blessings, please continue to keep all of us in your prayers.  Again, thanks for supporting our troops.  We all love you guys and are glad that someone still cares.

Take care.

82nd Airborne Division 

Hello my name is SFC Robert  and I am in the army. I have been in for almost ten years now. Currently I am deployed to Afghanistan in support of OEF. This is my four deployment since 2003. I would like to thank you for the box that I received today in the mail. Little things like this is what gets us Soldiers through a long deployment away from family and friends. Thank you again



SFC Robert

TF Spartan