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Letter of the Week:  January 23, 2012




The letter below is a wonderful example of the impact that OSOT America has made nationwide to support not only our troops, but their families as well.   Our circle of support just keeps growing!  And even in bad weather, our donations keep coming.   On Saturday in the last hour that we were open for deliveries, over 1000 lbs came in one collection (they got lost on the way) and over 400 lbs of Caribou coffee in another donation.  The troops will love that!

Kara with her box
Notice our letter at the bottom center

I wanted to thank you for the fantastic care package I received in the mail from your organization. It was a lovely Christmas present for not only me but for my unit and the patients we help at the 10th Combat Support Hospital.  The signed cards were displayed on our pharmacy window (I am the pharmacist for the hospital).  And a stocking was hung filled with candies so all of the soldiers and patients waiting for their medications/picking up prescriptions could read the cards and enjoy the treats.


Thank you again for all of your support to myself, the 10th CSH and the United States Military.


Most grateful,

CPT Kara

 Turkey Fry_2011-1

Here's an awesome story about the long reach of OSOT America.   Barb and Dawn met Kara's parents, RL and Karen Butler,  at the expo in Washington DC back in October.   Their daughter was soon to deploy for the first time (so they added her name for a package), but they really wanted to do something to show their support of our troops.   They own a restaurant in Virginia called Fat Tuesday's.   Thanksgiving day they deep fried turkeys and sold them with the proceeds going to OSOT America.  Their donation totalled over $1500!!  (that's RL wearing our America has NOT forgotten shirt)

Turkey fry_2011



Good day!  Thank you all for your support.  We are very grateful for you taking the time to provide us with the items in this care package.  People like you make it easier for us to do our jobs.  We know that folks like you appreciate and understand our values to our country.


Again, thank you for your support.




GySgt T

U.S. Marines