Operation Support Our Troops - America 
Letter of the Week: January 9, 2012





Our first 205 boxes of 2012 went out the door on Saturday.  In that short time, we've already received letters from troops asking for things they cannot get where they are stationed.   It's a great thing that OSOT America is in a position to keep supplying our troops with items they so desperately need.


We know that our organization has an incredible reach, read the first letter to see just how amazing that reach can be sometimes!


Hope you all had a good Christmas. We made good use of the care packages you sent. We used some for our party and gave some to troops going home from Iraq. Also just wrote to some of the kids who wrote letters. One boy who made a card was my fiance's nephew, I think I was in shock. He said merry Christmas and said he likes football and went to a Bears game with his aunt and her friend. He had no idea I would get the card and he went to the game with me. I provided our winter wonderland with some of the stockings. That way they are enjoyed now and in the future. It was warm here about 75 on Christmas. I hear it was warm in Naperville as well. Cooler here now in the 50s high 30s low. Thanks again.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


(this was not a special pack....some mathematician please figure out the odds that this young boy would write a letter that would end up in this young man's hands!   INCREDIBLE)


My name is OFC Christopher. I am an institutional trainer, assigned to an Afghan Border Police Training site here in northern Afghanistan called Sheberghan.   I am an retired NYPD officer, attached as a civilian police advisor to the U.S. Army.  Here at Sheberghan, we have 14 U.S. Army soldiers and 6 American civilian police officers.  Nearly all of the civilian police officers are prior military and are proud of the assignment and task we have here.  I myself served in the Marines ('84-'88-Infantryman).


Our task is to mentor, train and facilitate the 6 week basic training for the Afghan Border Police Officers.  We host 250-300 Afghans at a time and this is the first cycly where we have Afghan instructors.  This is what we have been striving for: Afghan teaching Afghan.  The Afghan basic training course is rather short compared to the standard 6 month American Basic Police Academy, but these fellas need to get out and start securing areas and fighting for their country as soon as possible.


I would like to thank you so much for the care package(s) and card you sent.  WHen we get a care package(s), the team gathers in the Morale, Welfare, and Recreation (MWR) room and the boxes are opened as a team.   I volunteered to write the important THANK YOU letters.   It is with the support, love, and prayers of good Americans like you, that we do this job.   Many of our team are young and far away from home, and when they get a care package with words of support, it tells them that someone other than their family and friends actually cares about them.   THANK YOU FOR THAT!


I am including pictures of members of the team.   THank you again so much for your support and prayers.   We greatly appreciate good Americans like you.   Be safe!


Semper Fi,