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Letter of the Week:  December 26, 2011




While we were nestled all snug in our beds, our troops were out on patrol in a faraway land.  The letters below show how grateful they are for the love we sent their way this Christmas.


2011_1226_Santa with soldier



Merry Christmas from Camp Eggers in Kabul, Afghanistan!


Thank you very much for the care package, I was humbled by the thoughtfulness of your donors and volunteers. I saved this box for 3 weeks in order to open it on Christmas Eve; the best part was reading the cards and notes from people of all ages.


All the support from home is so very much appreciated, especially since I'm a Navy man deployed to a strange and mysterious place - dry land!


I attached a picture from when Santa visited!




Best Regards,


Lt Commander Ned 

US Navy

I am writing you to thank you for the stocking I received this morning on Christmas.  We are located on a small Combat Out Post in the Ghazni Province.   We have no showers or bathrooms here, so I hope you understand that every little thing we get is used here.  I know it is Christmas, but here it is just another day of patrols.  I believe our CO's keep us busy on purpose so we do not ponder being away from our families.  Thank you again for keeping us in your hearts and prayers.