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Click the pics to check out Southern California's Boston Buddies and The Boxer Rescue of Grafton, Mass. Check them out on the MBB Radio Show!

If you know of a reputable rescue organization in your area please have them contact us, and we may have them on our show and feature them here!
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My Buddy Butch - Confessions of A New Dog Dad

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"My Buddy Butch- Confessions of a New Dog Dad" is a book by Jeff Marginean. Read this funny touching story and see how Butch turns Jeff's life upside down while winning this bachelor's heart! Purchase here or call toll free1-800-247-6553

Issue: #22January 29, 2011
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Don't Kill Bill

Performers: Kyla Duffy, Jessie Miller, Clementine the Cattle Dog, and BILL!

Location: Dairy Center for the Arts, Boulder, CO  Date: February 12, 2011, 7:30 pm (come early to meet pet rescue organizations)

Description: An exciting evening of aerial dance and storytelling to celebrate the joy adopted dogs bring to our lives

Tickets: $19 adult/ $12 child  BUY NOW!

Hi All!
Well it's been an unbelievably busy time for us here with everything happening with the new web site, show syndication and all of our changes. We are stepping up our "Rescue of the Week"  Segment and have some really great rescues from around the country involved. I want to thank Kyla Duffy from Happy Tails Books for helping to get the word out! We are also heading into our annual Westminster coverage in February with some new coverage on Animal professionals showing their own dogs...Stay tuned... I also want to thank everyone that purchased "My Buddy Butch - Confessions of a New Dog Dad" over the holiday season as it has completely sold out and is now in it's second printing. I hope everyone got a good laugh and was able to learn a little from my mistakes.
Jeff and Butch

Westminster on USA Network 
Join us in February for our coverage of the Westminster Dog Show. Interviews with contestants and commentary from Dr. Patrick Mahaney on Veterinary perspective.
MBB Radio Network News
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1/29/2011 - Hour 1 - Dr. Katy Nelson on Iams Premium diets for different aged dogs & cats. Less than 10 % of the USA pet owning population pays attention to the age of their pet when feeding. Also Lisa Barker joins us for our rescue of the week segment, Boxer Rescue Inc. of New England. Dr. Kim Bloomer joins us to talk about natural feeding and also some of the problems with vaccinations. Jeff tells us about training a puppy vs. an older dog and also about a little animal that followed a dog home and was found laying on the couch with the dog when the owner came home from work! What would you do? Hour 2 - Best Selling Author Elliot Tiber the man that enabled Woodstock to take place, talks about his new book "Palm Trees on The Hudson." Denise Fleck talks about taking care of New Cats and Kittens, and Dick Rolfe stops by to talk about a PAX series that is now on DVD about a "Hearing Dog" that is the helper of a Private "Eye." Jeff also talks about the CDC report on Pet's sleeping with their owners and the possibilities of passing diseases from pet to human.
1/22/2011 - Hour 1 - Bobby Haas made his fortune on Wall street brokering deals like the sale of 7UP and Dr.Pepper he then became an internationally known photographer hanging out of helicopters capturing migrations and wildlife. He has compiled 5 books for National Geographic and now has written his own book "Miracle Man: 100 days with Oliver." Joe Camp, the writer & producer of the Benji series of films, joins us to talk about his Best selling book series "The Soul of a Horse." Do you know why you shouldn't put shoes on a horse? Well Joe does and he tells us about it. Also the dumbest thing Jeff has ever seen someone do with a dog. Hour 2 - Dr. Patrick Mahaney joins us to talk about the AKC Eukanuba Championship he attended and aired Sunday Jan.23 on ABC. Denise Fleck of continues the discussion on her series of pocket pet owner guides and explains the human reaction to a pet emergency. Dr. Donna Spector consulting veterinarian for Ellen Degeneres' pet food company HALO talks about our FAT PETS and the problems with treats and calories and Dick Rolfe of the dove foundation talks about a new series out on DVD from the "Veggie Tales" author.

1/15/2011 - Hour 1 - Brian Jones director of Alaska State Troopers TV Show on National Geographic Channel on the new season and what it was like shooting the series in Alaska. Tom Wargo of Daffy's Pet Soup Kitchen in Atlanta Georgia talks to us about the loss of Daffy the little dog that was the inspiration and how the Food bank helps people and their animals. Also Texas A&M has a retirement home for pets, and jeff also covers the latest news headlines. Hour 2 - Rebekah Lusk attorney from Baltimore MD. specializing in Family and Pet law talks to us about a specific case where a police officer shot a dog in the back. Rebekah is a life long animal lover and will be joining us as a contributor to the My Buddy Butch show to discuss the legal aspects of owning a pet and legislation around the country. Also Melanie Brooks Best selling Author of "The Spenser Nation" feeding hungry children in OUR United States has new release and has been chosen as a cause finalist for PEPSI Refresh Project Vote Here! Teaching Butch to ring a bell when he needs to go outside

1/8/2011 - Hour1 - Dick Rolfe the CEO of the Dove Foundation stops in to talk about family movie night on Fox sponsored by Wal-mart and P&G, and we talk about the Canine Flu with Dr. Patrick Mahaney and Dr. Kim Bloomer of ANIMAL TALK NATURALLY. Is it fact or fiction and where did it come from? Hour 2 - Paula Brown author of "Fur Shui" talks to us about "Chi" and fur bagua, and Kyla Duffy of tells us about a show she is producing in Boulder CO. also Jeff also covers the latest news headlines and more...!
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Westminster Coverage: Jeff will be in New York City with Dr. Patrick Mahaney covering the event for our show so if you see them stop and say Hello! 
 *We will hear from David Frei the TV Host of Westminster for over 20 years and Tom Bradley Show Chairman

 * Dr. Donna Spector- Owner of and Consulting Veterinarian for Ellen Degeneres' HALO will be joining us for our Vet topic of the week.
* Gina Maisallo two time breast cancer survivor and Author of "Initmacy After Breast Cancer" will join us to talk about her journey and a rescued Cat that has helped her cope.
*Pet Expert and friend Arden Moore will be stopping by to talk about her new web site launched last year and some of her events. 
 We are stepping up our Rescue of the Week Segment and will have many new rescues over the coming weeks and months from across the USA on the show.
* Pat Cooper will be joining us along with other celebrity guests to talk about their new projects.
* Dick Rolfe of the Dove foundation will also get us caught up on new releases from Hollywood and more!
* Top News Topics and more...
Article Feature - Easy For Parents..It's my first time
Butch with footballAuthor: Jeff  Marginean
So OK, about a week ago Butch wakes up in the middle of the night at about 3am hacking really bad, similar to when you swallow down the wrong pipe. First
time in his six and a half year life he has done this. After watching him work this out on his own for about 90 seconds he quit hacking and came to rest,
looked at me, and then ground his little square noggin into the carpet with his hands over his eyes (yes I know he has paws but hands takes up less space than "front paws" and you know what I mean, so now that I've wasted even more space explaining...back to the story...) and he did this two or three times. He was finished. Came over to me and sat there looking at me. He was OK and I went back to bed with him following me. He has the run of the house at this point so sometimes he will sleep in his cage (I leave the door open all the time) or he will sleep on the other side of my bed under a mound of pillows. The next day I instated the "Three Day" Rule which I learned from my Veterinarian during my early "Frantic New Dog Dad Days." This rule dictates that I watch him VERY CLOSELY for a couple of days and if the condition gets worse at any time call the Vet right away. If it stays the same or doesn't go away by the third day call the Vet. Butch was playing, running, being his old self, so I did not panic I just watched him, told Dad to watch him, and he seemed OK. Three Day rule expired - Butch seemed fine. On about the 5th day I noticed that he was not snoring correctly and it sounded different. Putting my now finely tuned Dog Dad instincts to work - I also noticed his nose was running, and he would spend some time sitting there licking his chops and tongue for a minute or two. Well, nose is running clear liquid, he has a stuffy nose, If he is licking what seems like thin air his sinuses are probably draining into his throat and he is trying to swallow so if he is anything like a human these symptoms mean ALLERGY! Keep in mind that all this

time he is not showing ANY signs of slowing down at all. He is still playing, eating, and all bodily functions are normal. I checked his ears and gums and temperature which was about 102 F no fever. Hmmm no change in 6 years it's always been 102 on the dot at the vet and at home. His eyes are clear, maybe slightly red or pinkish but no swelling anywhere. Hmmm...again...louder. Time to call the Vet. Listen in to the show as I now investigate Butch's problem and talk to our Veterinarians about this!

Did You Know...
That Low-Tox antifreeze is 2/3 less toxic than regular?

With a recent radiator leak on my truck I noticed a small puddle in my garage. Now luckily Butch has no interest in antifreeze but nevertheless I cleaned it up right away. Since low tox antifreeze is only 1/3 as toxic as regular, I guess this means pets and wildlife will die 2/3 slower than if they drink regular antifreeze. ALL ANTIFREEZE IS TOXIC AND CAN KILL YOUR PET! Clean it up and keep your pets away from puddles in the street! They are trying... Check out this link.

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