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"My Buddy Butch- Confessions of a New Dog Dad" is a book by Jeff Marginean. Read this funny touching story and see how Butch turns Jeff's life upside down while winning this bachelor's heart! Purchase here or call toll free1-800-247-6553

Issue: #21November 2, 2010
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MBB Radio Network

 Introducing the MBB Radio Network! We are proud to announce that JEMAR Entertainment has signed on with Talk Shows USA as the exclusive distributor and national syndicator of the weekly 2 Hour My Buddy Butch Radio Show through the ABC/Citadel Satellite system. Also, we are announcing the launch of our latest web site and through our MBB Network News site we will be providing concise news and links on important Pet and Family oriented concerns. 

Hi All!
The last time you heard from me we were excitedly preparing for the big announcement for our 2 year anniversary on August 14th. That announcement was the National Syndication of our show. As many of you know, one of my producers, and friend of 25 years, Joe Procario passed away unexpectedly on August 1st. At that point everything was put on hold while we tried to figure out how to move ahead and what shape the show was going to take on moving forward. I spent most of August rethinking the entire launch of the National Syndication, the Web Site, and news portal. Knowing that Joe would not have wanted anything to stop on his account some moves were made and troops called in to help with the work that needed to be completed just to get things ready. I want to thank my long time friend Joe Lagani (NYC Indie producer) for coming to the aid of the show and helping me get the wheels back on. Ashanti Alexander is our new News Director and host of the "My Buddy Butch Extra" on Thursday's at 7pm our old show time slot. We have a new National Sales Director. Skip Joeckel our Director of Affiliate Relations made sure everyone in the pipeline knew what was going on and kept the engine running! The understanding, support, and encouragement from fans, everyone at ABC/Citadel, and all of the companies and individuals associated with the show has helped me keep moving forward. So now here we are with many new things to share with you on our weekly show every Saturday, knowing that Joe would have wanted it this way. 

Jeff and Butch

National Dog Show 
Join us in November for our National Dog Show Presented by Purina Coverage! New interview every week with all those involved with this Thanksgiving tradition. Don't forget to check out their site.
MBB Radio Network News
MBB Radio NetworkLatest Shows - On Our Player!
Sherry Woodard of National Geographic's Dog Town and Best Friend's Animal Sanctuary in Utah. She talks about their new Book DOG TIPS FROM DOG TOWN! Also, Ines De Pablo of Wag'N Enterprises stops by to talk about o2 Fur Life a campaign they are working on to provide oxygen masks for pets to local fire/emergency response teams. Burbank Animal Shelter is hosting an upcoming event and Dr. Kim Bloomer of Animal Talk Naturally brings our Vet topic of the week. Also Lee Charles Kelley dog trainer for 20 years and blogger for Psychology today, Mary Pat Broomfield of the Nashville Humane Assoc our Rescue of the Week and Jeff covers news topics and recalls!
Dottie of stops in to talk about the Pot Bellied Pig as a pet. Yes, you read correctly, a Pot Bellied Pig makes a great pet and companion IF you know how to properly take care of them. Don't forget George Clooney had one named Max! Also Holly Trevan, director of marketing for "Dogswell" pet foods talks about a new food they have developed for those dogs with "special needs" and they have much more to offer. Mike Arms of the Helen Woodward Animal Center in Rancho Santa Fe California discusses his 40 years of saving lives and the Iams Home 4 The Holidays rescue campaign with a goal of 1.5 Million pets adopted by January 2011!
 Dr. Karen Johnson, Vice President of Banfield Pet Hospitals as she tells us about the growing Heartworm Problem that can affect our pets.Also Author Melinda Brooks of the series "The Spenser Nation" joins us to talk about these great booksfor children and how they help kids learn about the USA. Leslie Smith, Editor and Chief of Dogtime Media stops in to talk about the join rescue effort they are doing with the ASPCA. Dr. Patrick Mahaney for our Vet topic of the week! Also Hour 2 Pet First Aid Expert Denise Fleck, Dick Rolfe CEO of on Family Friendly My Buddy Butch RadioEntertainment and more!
Author Jenny Pavlovic joins us as we discuss her book "Not Without My Dog." Born out of her work during the hurricane Katrina disaster in New Orleans Jenny discusses the need to have all of your important information in one place! Also Joanne Dixson from the Animal Shelter of Wood River Valley joins us to talk about teaching Pit Bulls to be "Good Citizens, Dr. Patrick Mahaney stops by to discuss the H1N1 update and if we still need to be on the look out for more problems!   Don't forget to sign up for our FREE Newsletter "The Chronicle."  Check out the AFTER SHOW BLOG for specific information and links. Join us on Twitter ! And don't forget to check out our Facebook page also! New Show every Thursday night streams 24/7 from our site click the MBB Radio picture above. The show is also available for download at Apple iTunes, Zune, and at our web portal on BTR. Check the schedule and listen to the showLIVE at BTR Thursday's at 7pmET.
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Saturday November 6  
Dr. Rory Wilson- Lead Scientist for National Geographic Channel's 7-part series"Great Migrations" series Premiering Nov. 8.
*Wayne Ferguson- The "voice " of the most prestigious Dog Shows in the country
* Dr. Donna Spector- Consulting Veterinarian for Ellen Degeneres' HALO joins us for our Vet topic of the week.
Dr. Jennifer Jellison of Banfield Pet
Hospitals joins us to talk about the Banfiled /Meals on Wheels Food Drive
* April Horowitz of Heart of a Horse Resuce in California for our Rescue of the Week
* Top News Topics and more...
Article Feature - In Memory of Joseph M. Procario
Joe ProcarioAuthor: Jeff  Marginean

The weeks leading up to Joe's passing were busy with our business of Syndicating the Radio show. His passing was a shock and stopped everything in its tracks. As Joe used to say, "Life and Death is what happens when we are planning for something else!" He was right. Joe was a great friend and was always there to lend a hand and give his opinion on all issues he added something to the show as a co-producer that will be missed. His optimism and the banter we shared on the air were items that we recieved many fun emails about over the last couple of years and he was exactly the person your heard on the air. His 65th birthday would have been Oct. 31st and we were thinking about him and laughing at some of the stories he used to tell. We will miss his laugh, his good nature, and love for animals...Butch knew Joe by the name "Piasan" so if I say that, he now always runs to the door thinking Joe is coming. You can read more about this memorial on the After Show Blog


Did You Know...
That Women's Hormone Creams can introduce health risks to your pet ?

(NY TIMES) - Veterinarians around the country are reporting a strange phenomenon: spayed dogs and cats, even some puppies and kittens, are suddenly becoming hormonal. In female pets, the symptoms resemble...more...


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