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My Buddy Butch - Confessions of A New Dog Dad
Issue: #19June 23, 2010

Hallmark Channel

Click on the Picture to participate in this great movie about a Border Collie! "You Lucky Dog!" The Movie Premier is THIS SATURDAY JUNE 26th! Don't forget to watch!
Hi All!
Well the earth moved today and I wasn't even kissing a woman at the time! HA! We felt the earthquake here in Ohio that was centered on the Ontario/Quebec border! It was felt all they way from New York and New Jersey to Indiana! The Oil Globs hit the white sand beach in our beautiful Pensacola Florida! I say "our" because I feel like it is happening in my own back yard. This devastation continues and what "upsets" me the most is the fact that there was no contingency plan for this situation and all we can do is hope and pray that it ends soon. They crashed a robot into the  pipe and broke the tap which had to be removed so as of today 60,000 barrels per day is again gushing into the gulf. Fish and sea life are fleeing the area understandably and no one knows the full impact yet of this.
Don't forget that you can download ALL of our past shows from Apple iTunes, Zune, and from BTR so you won't miss a thing! Please feel free to forward this Chronicle using the forward email button at the bottom of this page! Butch and I hope you enjoy the MBB Chronicle and we hope we can help you love your pet a little bit more!
Jeff and Butch
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This week - Joyce Geier, trainer of Border Collies like "Lucky" in The Hallmark Movie "You Lucky Dog" premeiring on the Hallmark Channel on June 26th! Joyce discusses the Border Collie breed and tells us about the Championship competitions that she has been involved in with herding dogs. We also discuss a tragic story out of Ohio where a man was mauled and killed by his own dogs. We discuss WHY this might have happened and HOW it could be prevented by other dog owners or operators of recues. Janine Woods of the Mobile Alabama SPCA joins us as we continue our discussion about the devestation from the Oil Spill in the Gulf of Mexico and what they are doing to combat this absolute disaster. She also talks about how they are helping animals they have up for adoption and how you can help. Dr. Patrick Mahaney of California Pet Acupuncture and Wellness joins us to talk about the problems with toxicity and the animals that the oil spill is affecting. Don't forget to sign up for our FREE Newsletter "The Chronicle."  Check out the AFTER SHOW BLOG for specific information and links. Join us on Twitter ! And don't forget to check out our Facebook page also! New Show every Thursday night streams 24/7 from our site click the MBB Radio picture above. The show is also available for download at Apple iTunes, Zune, and at our web portal on BTR. Check the schedule and listen to the showLIVE at BTR Thursday's at 7pmET.
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Thursday June 17th - 7pm Eastern LIVE! 
Roger Morgan - Trainer of "Lucky" the Border Collie in the upcoming Hallmark Movie "You Lucky Dog!"  
*Tracie Hotchner - Author and Host of the new NPR radio show "Authors on Animals" joins us.    
* Lewis Chesler Executive Producer of Hallmark Channel's Movie "You Lucky Dog" Talks about the movie and how it was put together. "Lucky" the Border Collie was a Rescue in the movie and we will talk about that for our Rescue of the week segment. 
* Dr. Donna Spector joins us for our Vet Topic of The Week.
Article Feature - Are you kidding me?
Butch the KINGAuthor: Jeff Marginean
I'm going to keep this short and sweet this week. Last week in the "Did you Know" Section I wrote about how the hot summer temperature in your car can kill your child or your pet. I even wrote about pulling over and taking a breath, slowing down, gather yourself, try not to let yourself get in too much of a hurry. Since I wrote that one week ago I have seen two 2 news stories of a one year old baby dying after being left in a hot car, received an email about one dog dying after being left in a hot car, and heard from a friend of mine about someone working on a construction project, tied his dog to the bumper of the car and had to go get more parts dragging the dog for a considerable distance before realizing what had happened. The dog lived and is being treated. 
Now I'm quite sure that the individuals, who are all adults, felt as bad as they could in their respective situations. We could not know the individual circumstances that led to each of these tragedies, but I personally think that regardless of the situations, all of this could be avoided if these individuals spent a little time each day to just sit an relax a bit and think ahead.
I spend some time, admittedly not every day, putting myself in the place of those that I see in the news and thinking about how I can avoid the situations that caused them and others so much pain. I always try to think ahead when it comes to Butch or what my Dad might need and how I am going to approach the situation as slowly and methodically as I can. So OK it doesn't work all the time but if I am moving deliberately most of the time, I can usually catch myself before I forget something or make a terrible, irreversible mistake.
So once again, please for the sake of yourself, your family, your pets please take some time to breath deeply every day and most of all save yourself the pain of not thinking ahead.
Have a safe Summer!
Did You Know...
How Many Bugs Live in Your Lawn?
OK Here we are, Summer is here! You will not hear me complaining about the heat unless I'm not out in it! I love the heat especially when it's around a pool or lake! As you may know by now I also like to mow my lawn which naturally starts me thinking...How many types of insect can live in your (or my) lawn. Well, after naming about 15 in my head, I realized that there not only bad insects but also beneficial insects. There are many more than 15 types of insects and here is a site I found that lists the most common. Some of the bad ones for us and our pets are ticks and fleas which is why it is especially important to keep up with your preventative measures and control these insects so they do not become a problem. We all know about the commercial insecticides out there but there are also ways to control lawn insects naturally, including fleas and ticks, and with Butch around, I try to do what I can to make it safer for him! Check out this site for some natural lawn care tips!
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