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Click on the pic to check out Happy Trails Farm Animal Sanctuary in Ohio!  Their 10 year anniversary is coming up! Check them out on the MBB Radio Show!
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Issue: #17June 9, 2010

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 We are working with the Hallmark Channel promoting some of the upcoming family movies and special events they have premiering over the next few months! Click on the Picture to participate in this great movie about a Border Collie! "You Lucky Dog!" We will be interviewing some special guests on the My Buddy Butch show in the month of June so stay tuned!
Hi Everyone!
I want to thank everyone for the emails this past week talking about last week's "Did You Know" section discussing Movie Dogs. Actually, I was a little surprised, but after all of the rescues that I have interviewed I really shouldn't be. Being "Star Struck" by seeing a dog breed on TV or in the movies is nothing new, but the heartbreak of realizing that you can't handle a new pet AFTER THE FACT is no joke! Once again, PLEASE do your research BEFORE choosing a new pet and don't rush into it!  Feel free to pass this on! Don't forget that you can download ALL of our past shows from Apple iTunes, Zune, and from BTR so you won't miss a thing! Please feel free to forward this email using the forward email button at the bottom of this page! Butch and I hope you enjoy the MBB Chronicle and we hope we can help you love your pet a little bit more!
Jeff and Butch

Last week, in my DOUBLE FEATURE issue, I forgot to include the rescues where our guest Casey Costa Volunteers/ Fosters. My apologies and please click on the pics and check them out! I look forward to speaking with Casey again soon!
The Cocker Connection            Siberian Husky Rescue of California
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This week - Jennifer Ortman of the Reiki Center in Columbus Ohio, Jennifer has spent many years practicing Reiki on Animals of all types and she tells us about the benfits of "Energy Healing" and how you can learn. Annette Fisher of Happy Trails Farms Animal Sanctuary joins us for an expaneded Rescue segment of the week to talk about the work they do in helping investigators with abuse cases as well as all of the great farm animals that they have to adopt. Their 10 year anniversary is coming up so check them out and maybe pay a visit! Dr. Partick Mahaney stops in for our Vet Topic of the Week to discuss insect stings and what to do if you see your pet acting strangely and you think it was stung by a bee! Anaphalaxis and sever allergic reactions are nothing to take lightly! Don't forget to sign up for our FREE Newsletter "The Chronicle."  Check out the AFTER SHOW BLOG for specific information and links. Join us on Twitter ! And don't forget to check out our Facebook page also! New Show every Thursday night streams 24/7 from our site click the MBB Radio picture above. The show is also available for download at Apple iTunes, Zune, and at our web portal on BTR. Check the schedule and listen to the showLIVE at BTR Thursday's at 7pmET.
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Denise Fleck of joins us to talk about some new books she has coming out and we get some reminders on safety for the summer season! 
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* Jeff Dorson, Director of the  Humane Society of Louisiana updates us on the gulf oil spill devastating the animals and talks about what we can do to help the organizations on the gulf coast for our Rescue of the week segment. 
* Dr. Kim Bloomer of Animal Talk Naturally and Aspenbloom Pet Care joins us for our Vet Topic of The Week. Dr. Kim is our "Natural Pet Care" expert!
Article Feature - Dog Theft- It's that time of year!
Butch 3 months old SleepingAuthor: Jeff Marginean
Last week I wrote about the problem we had with Butch bolting out the door because of a freak series of events. This week I want to write a bit about Dog Theft. What made me think of this is the possibility that someone would have picked up Butch and realized what a sweet little guy he is especially since he was shivering and out in the rain. It would have been easy to just take him home and keep him. Luckily we got him back and have taken steps to prevent it from happening again. Now, when Butch is in "his element" he is not such an easy target as anyone even coming near "his turf"  gets an earful from him and steers clear of him.  At 25 pounds, with his attitude toward strangers, and a face full of teeth he is a borderline target but still a target nonetheless. Being that he is never usually anywhere without me when we are in the yard and rarely out of view, I don't worry about it too much where I live, but unfortunately it still has to be a concern if I want to be a diligent "Dog Dad!"
Most dogs that are stolen from homes and out of yards are of the smaller breed types and are usually purebred as thieves think they can make some money either selling or breeding a particular dog.  Some of the more unsavory characters that steal dogs already have dogs that are used for fighting and are looking for a bait dog to train the fighting dogs. In which case the breed being stolen does not matter as much as size, which makes just about any dog of a reasonable size a target for thieves. Rescue operations around the country that kennel dogs often report being broken into and dogs missing...depending on the area, the local police can usually guess where they have ended up.
There are many items that can help you keep your pet safe from theft but they all boil down to exercising some good old common sense. Don't leave your pet outside when you are not home - Don't leave them in a parked car if you can't take them into the store with you - Try to find places to shop that are pet friendly - this list is long but there are particular things that are unique to your situation that you should define for yourself. Try to think about the situation BEFORE you put your dog into that situation. Just like training your puppy to be well behaved, monitoring their health, watching what you feed them, you must take the time to think about what you would do in the event of an emergency which includes the possibility that Rover might be stolen one day.
Just like it only took one split second for Butch to bolt out the door last week, it only takes a split second for your best friend to be led or carried away by a stranger. If you think it could not happen to you, take just one minute to think about how you, your family, or your kids would feel on the very first night you are without your furry friend safely sleeping at the foot of your bed or what you will feel like staring at an empty dog bed in the corner. If that doesn't make your lip quiver a bit then you better get some goldfish instead!
As usual the AKC has some great information on how to prevent your dog from being stolen. Use their article as a start and apply it to your situation! Warm weather months are prime theft months so be diligent, think ahead, but don't stress about it, and don't forget to have some fun! Check out the AKC article on Dog Theft Here!
Did You Know...
Cost of Owning a Dog
The average cost of raising a dog from a puppy throughout its entire life, including food, vet bills, toys, treats, and other ammenities can range from $4600 to about $36,000 according to a great Website I found called Now this varies based on possible health issues, the breed, and the size of the dog. I'm not sure this factors in the damage that a puppy can do to personal property, furniture, and carpeting but I personally think that this is one great reason to think about adopting an older dog from a shelter. Many of them have already been taught some good household manners!
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