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Issue: #16June 2, 2010

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Let me just say that this Thundershirt works EXACTLY as advertised! Butch calmed down immediatly DURING a thunderstorm after I put this on him.Read the article below about why "Thunderphobia" is a bad thing aside from the obvious! ~Jeff
Hi Everyone!
Well after a little break we're back in the saddle again and this weeks Chronicle is a DOUBLE FEATURE covering the last two shows to bring everyone up to date. Check out the "MBB Radio Network News" below to see who was on and don't forget that you can download ALL of our past shows from Apple iTunes, Zune, and from BTR so you won't miss a thing! Please feel free to forward this email using the forward email button at the bottom of this page! Butch and I hope you enjoy the MBB Chronicle and we hope we can help you love your pet a little bit more!
Jeff and Butch
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This week - a little "catch up" on news briefs from the last couple of weeks and John Laub of "Pet Steps To Heaven" who, in conjunction with one of Minnesota's finest Five Star Restaraunts "Seven" is hosting a benefit called "Steak Out A Home For Pets" on Sunday June 6th and it will benefit the Foundation serving over 13000 rescue shelters around the country.Casey Costa, a volunteer from The Siberian Husky Rescue of California and the Cocker Connection join us to talk about fostering for our Rescue of the Week Segment. and consulting veterinarian Dr. Donna Spector stops in for our Vet Topic of the Week to discuss how giving your pet heartworm preventative while your pet HAS heartworm disease can kill them. Dr. Donna is launching a new "Veterinary Specialist and 2nd Opinion" service so we will keep you up to date when the Web Site Launches! In the mean time you can see her contributions to our blog and on the Halo Pet Foods Blog!
Last week - You can get this show in our archive if you haven't heard it yet! New York Times Best Selling author Ben Huh with his new book "I Has A Hot Dog - What Your Dog is Really Thinking" Ben released the wildy popular"I Can Has Cheezburger?" which hit the NY Times Best Seller List at #5. Barbara Babikian is a great friend of My Buddy Butch and she joins us to talk about a new Team formed at Angel on a Leash which she is leading that helps children fighting cancer. A noble cause lead by a great lady! Guardian Angel Basset Rescue in Illinios is our Rescue Shelter of The Week and CEO Larry Little joins us to talk about this great breed and rescue operation. Dr. Kim Bloomer author and host of Animal Talk Naturally
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Article Feature - Dad Can't Hear!
Butch PuppyAuthor: Jeff Marginean
My Dad is 86 years old he is doing remarkably well for someone that age. It's no surprise that he has hearing aids and has a difficult time hearing without them which leads me to tell you to make sure you always have identification for your pet. Either an updated ID chip or at very least a collar with ID tags. What??? How did I connect these two things that have absolutely NOTHING to do with each other? It makes perfect sense to me after today's fiasco during a thunderstorm.
Now that I have completely lost you, let me start at the point where a thunderstorm is rolling in and I call my Dad, which is where Butch is staying for the day, to check to see if he knows a bad storm is heading in. There is a slight chance that when I call and he answers the phone that the battery in his hearing aid is dead. He doesn't know it because he dosed off with the 3 stooges Butch, Bosco, and Buttons all on top of him snoring on the recliner, when the phone woke him up. The conversation goes something like this...
Dad- "Hello?"
Jeff - "Hi Dad I just called to ..."
Dad - "Hello?"
Jeff (louder) - "Hey - It's Me I wanted.."
Dad - "Hello?"
Jeff (louder) - "Hey - Don't Hang..." (click) - Dial Tone.
Ok You get it, but here is the rub. As I raise my voice over the phone so my Dad can hear me over the dead battery hearing aid he has in his hear which is now a solid piece of plastic preventing any sound at all from entering, Butch, sitting on his lap hears my voice in the distance, yelling over the phone and goes running collar on, looking for me thinking that I have pulled into the driveway. As the storm is now rolling in a huge lightning and thunder crash occurs just as Butch is running out the door. Terrified of storms and looking for me at that exact moment, Butch decides to take off out of the front yard and bolts, in a strange neighborhood, in a driving rain storm trying to find me. I know this because when it does storm he is never more than one inch away from me. Dad calls me at the office, frantic, "Butch is Gone! He ran out the door and he is in the storm." I go tearing out of my office. By the time I get to the house, Dad, almost in tears is devastated. At this point school kids are just getting out of school. My nephew Alex gathers a few of his friends and long story - short 2-1/2 hours later the principal for the grade school a couple of blocks away is walking up the street holding Butch, one of the boys says "Hey Mr. Smith that's Butch, he ran away in the storm!" 
This could have ended so tragically I can't even begin to think about it. What makes it worse is how bad my Dad felt. Dad knows dogs better than I probably ever will, but this freak series of events can happen to anyone. To be fair to Dad, a similar situation also happened to me, one fourth of July a few years ago and I wrote about it in "My Buddy Butch - Confessions of a New Dog Dad." When Butch is with me he is never more than ten feet away except when I am mowing. My point here is that enough people and thank God, kids on bicycles, now know who Butch is and we were able to find him. He is safe and sound wearing his "Thundershirt" comfortably laying under my desk as I write this during another storm. (He would normally be hiding behind a toilet. Phil Blizzard was right, it works!) I am lucky enough to be able to say that I can correct this but there are many people out there that wish they would have tagged their pet or microchipped their pet or kept the records updated. Please don't be one of these people like I almost was today and make sure your dog wears a collar with ID tags and if it has a chip keep the records updated!
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Dogs In The Movies
Rin Tin Tin - German Shepherd
Benji - Border Terrier
Lassie - rough Collie
Maybe someday, with any luck, Butch the Boston Terrier will be added to the list. We'll see... 
In any case, the list goes on and on and we all have our favorites. Now Marmaduke, a Great Dane! This weekend the premier of Marmaduke hits the big screen and the AKC reminds us to be careful when choosing your pet and really know what you are getting into BEFORE you run out and get the latest popular dog in the movies. Although I love a great dog or animal flick, the rescues around the country hold their collective breath when a new pet movie comes out, hoping and praying that they will not see a huge influx of the flavor of the month pet that has been rejected because the new owner did not do their home work. I can understand why the rescues, AKC, ASPCA, Humane Societies around the country look at new movies with one eyebrow raised. PLEASE, for your sake and the sake of the animal, realize that it is a lifelong commitment, not a fashion statement when you take a new pet into your life!!!
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