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Issue: # 10 April 7, 2010
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Dr. Nancy Kay's Speaking for Spot 
Hi Everyone!
It's been a fast week. Unseasonably warm here but great for a preview of summer. Everyone in this part of the country knows it's a farce! 80 degree record heat and it will be snowing in Ohio by end of the week! Please feel free to forward this email using the forward email button at the bottom of this page! Butch and I hope you enjoy the MBB Chronicle and we hope we can help you love your pet a little bit more!
Jeff and Butch
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This week - Columnist Joanne Anderson about her "Pets Pets Pets" column and also the work she is doing on long island to trace the beginnings of Westminster and the gravesite of "Sensation" the pointer that is on the Westminster logo. This search has lead to some interesting findings and she tells us about it! I was at the Columbus Ohio Pet Expo this past weekend and had the opportunity to meet Steve Cantin, the producer of the event. Steve has been inventing and promoting pet products since the early 90's including the Pet Sitter series of DVD's and the original "Go Cat FeatherToys" which are made right here in the USA in Michigan! Dr. Mitch Brown Veterinarian for DELTA Rescue in Southern Califonia joined us for our Rescue of the Week andDr. Patrick Mahaney continues the discussion on pet health and nutritional needs for our vet topic of the week. Check out the AFTER SHOW BLOG for specific information and links. Join us on Twitter ! And don't forget to check out our Facebook page also! New Show every Thursday night streams 24/7 from our site click the MBB Radio picture above. The show is also available for download at Apple iTunes, Zune, and at our web portal on BTR. Check the schedule and listen to the showLIVE at BTR Thursday's at 7pmET.
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Tom Wargo founder of the SOS Club - "Daffy's Pet Soup Kitchen," "The Backyard Sanctuary Cat Rescue," and "Daisy's Dog House" for our Rescue Shelter of the Week.
- Dr. Kim Bloomer of Animal Talk Naturally for Our Vet Topic of the Week.
Article Feature - Learn about Dogs or Don't Touch!
Butch StareAuthor: Jeff Marginean
Butch is always game for a challenge no matter how big, small, fast, or slow his potential opponent may be. He takes every opportunity to stare down every single car, biker, person, dog, or truck that passes by and if he thinks he has an opportunity to intimidate he will take it. I admit all of this freely, he has a "Napoleon Complex!" You know, the little guy with the big personality trying to intimidate. Note the front leaning stance in this picture while he is staring something down in our driveway. This is his normal stance which, as I have learned, does reflect his "dominating" personality. If you take a minute to notice how your dog is standing when they do not know you are looking at them, you can learn volumes about their personality. Standing straight is neutral, leaning forward can be aggressive, and backward leaning can mean timid or frightened. Other dogs notice this stance and can gauge a response before even approaching. I am happy to say that Butch is trained very well and will not, under any circumstances run out of our yard even for another dog passing by although he will voice his opinion. The invisible fence did help with this but he is smart enough not to even chance it without his collar. Leading up to my point...when most people that know him, call him on his challenge and walk into the yard, he will normally try to lure them in by faking a cowering stance until they get into his reach and ....then....HE EXPLODES, JUMPING UP AND DOWN AND RUNNING AROUND THEIR LEGS! He will usually settle down long enough for a nice pat on the head and a little adoration but then when they kneel down to his level he can, and has, knocked people right on their butts and he goes right for licking their ears REALLY FAST! His strength is deceptive and people do not realize how strong he is because he is on the small side for a dog. He has his methods for getting people to his level, it works, and he is not afraid to use it!
A recent incident in my driveway started me thinking. As I was talking to a friend, Butch was wandering around the yard coming over to the driveway to see another person passing by. She asked to pet my dog. I said "OK but you have to come into the driveway, he will not come to you." She came into the driveway with open hand forward and immediately kneeled down. Before I could say "don't do that" Butch jumped but she rose before he could knock her down. She chuckled and made a funny comment. This should have been my first clue to stay close to Butch while she was petting him but I stayed where I was, still talking. She began to pet him again, this time leaning over the top of him. This is also a "No-No" dogs view this as a dominance tactic and might react. Even the little ones...especially Butch! As I kept an eye on him she straightened up pretty fast when Butch jumped up higher than her head. I thought, OK that's enough. I turned to say goodbye to my friend and I heard Butch let out a bark that I have never heard from him before. I was afraid he bit her and I asked "what happened?"  She said he was being "inappropriate." I said "Inappropriate? A dog? You're kidding right?"  Butch was doing what a dog does he sniffs. Dogs sniff crotches, butts, arms, legs, anything they can, to get to know another dog and yes PEOPLE TOO! I'm not sure what she did to get Butch away from her, but what ever it was he did not like it and I was afraid that if he did not already he would bite her, so I picked him up. As you can tell from his stance above he is not likely to "stand down" from a pinch, a slap, or a push that he might think is a challenge especially on his own "turf." As Butch can support more than his own weight with his jaws, I have no doubt he can easily take a finger right off if provoked and can latch on quickly. I can place my entire fist in his mouth! A bigger dog could maybe take a whole hand.
Main Point: If you own a dog, make sure you pay closer attention to people petting them than I did in this example. If you like dogs and don't own one, surf the web and learn a little about dog behavior BEFORE you pet someone's dog. There is a right way and wrong way to do it and what you think is "inappropriate" is perfectly natural to a dog. So reacting to this in "human" terms is not understood by the dog and can be read as aggression on your part. The dog will react to defend itself and also not trust you again. Think about it...If in my house I never let people eat with a fork but only use spoons and you come over for dinner and start eating with a fork and I slap you on the back of the head and scream, what would you do? Hit me back, not trust me to walk behind you, think I was nuts for doing that? You were doing something perfectly normal but I reacted negatively. Dogs do certain things that are normal for them...learn what they are or leave them alone for your sake and theirs!
Did You Know...
"Dog's Get Sunburned Too!"
ALRIGHT! A few nice sunny days in a row! We are actually using up too many of our 11 sunny day's this year in Ohio. (Listen to our show intro!) Spending as much time outside as possible is definitely on me an Butch's agenda. Being that Butch is mostly black in color and the black color absorbs heat (light colors reflect heat), I am mindful where he is playing in the yard and always try to find a nice shady spot so he doesn't overheat. I even spray him with the hose occasionally which he enjoys. Not wanting him to overheat, I completely forget that he can get a sunburn on his nose and tips of his ears. If you like to be outside with your dog you might want to look into a good sunscreen for your dog. There are some good natural remedy sunscreens out there for pets. So Check some of them out here! So far Butch has done good and I don't think he has had a sunburn but as time goes on it a definite possibility!
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