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Issue: # 8 March 24, 2010
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Janet Priborsky Fine Art 
Hi Everyone!
Everything is cooking once again after our big server crash! Last time I wrote to you we still had a foot of snow on the ground! Unbelievable! Since then I have been able to get things back up and running smoothly and even managed to fit in the first mowing of the spring and Butch was able to get back to business with his ball outside in 68 degree weather. Needless to say we were both pooped last weekend! Please feel free to forward this email using the forward email button at the bottom of this page! Butch and I hope you enjoy the MBB Chronicle and we hope we can help you love your pet a little bit more!
Jeff and Butch
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This week - A quick run down on the Crufts Dog Show that took place in the UK March 11th through the 13th. I give a couple of facts about the show and announce the winner! Jane Miller, Author of "Healing Companions" is a Licensed psychotherapist and a Licensed Clinical Social Worker. She has become a leading authority on the use of Psychiatric Service Dogs (PSD) to help people and veterans cope with many psychological issues ranging from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder to other mental health issues. It's amazing what she can train a dog to do! Our Rescue Shelter of the Week had a last minute problem but Janine from Bichons and Buddies will be with us next Week!Dr. Patrick Mahaney our "Vet to the Stars" joined us to talk about "Buddah" the severely burned French Bulldog and how the treatment is going and also about a Hawk attack on a little dog.Check out the AFTER SHOW BLOG for specific information and links. Join us on Twitter ! And don't forget to check out our Facebook page also! New Show every Thursday night streams 24/7 from our site click the MBB Radio picture above. The show is also available for download atApple iTunes, Zune, and at our web portal on BTR. Check the schedule and listen to the show LIVE at BTR Thursday's at 7pmET.
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-"Bischons and Buddies" Rescue in California
- Dr. Donna Spector of Chicago with our Vet Topic on Pet Nutrition.
Article Feature - The Dirty Faced Kid!
Butch is back at itAuthor: Jeff Marginean
Every neighborhood has at least one. Every school has a few in each class and I'll bet every person in this country can remember the name of one they knew in school. I remember one and come to think of it I think I WAS ONE! Well, Butch is the dirty faced, ornery, mischievous little kid in our neighborhood. Set aside the fact that he fancies himself the protector of our grounds, willing to combat squirrels, chipmunks, cats, and other dogs for the sake of my well being - throw a plastic play ball in the yard and I could be attacked by the killer rabbits living under our shed and he wouldn't even notice. I'm not sure where this ball fetish comes from but I have never seen anything like it. I've seen other dogs that like to play ball but I've never seen a dog literally grind his face in the dirt with everything he has, in order to get the ball unstuck from under a bush or from behind the air conditioner. During this period Butch is on a mission...a mission to kill that ball at all costs and flatten it as soon as possible incapacitating it so that it cannot terrorize anyone who might possibly have a fear of large colorful play balls on a nice spring day! There is a better picture on the blog of this slobbery mess that I have to clean up every time I mow!
When I have work to do outside, I always take time to play with Butch before, during, and after mowing, trimming shrubs, or doing home repair work. He has become quite the Soccer player. Check out this video of Butch in action! As long as Butch has a big bowl of water to drink and big ball to play with he will stay occupied for hours. Being outside for Butch means a great time running, playing ball, and trying to tear off my socks or the tongues of my shoes every time I'm within 20 feet of him. That is just about the only thing that will tear him away from the ball. Not even the mailman with the dog treats gets any attention when Butch has his ball! Once again it is important to remember that we have been couped up in the house all winter long. The lower level of activity during the past few months suddenly moves into the same level as last summer on the first warm day we have. This can be a bad thing for both Butch and myself if we do not take it easy at first and not over do it. Pulled muscles, sore ankles, and a strained back can postpone the fun and delay making the memories that Butch and I have fun making. Even if your pet doesn't do these crazy things Butch does, remember to take it easy at first when getting back outside into the sunshine and work up to your optimum level of walking, running, or whatever it is you like to do outside...and remember to keep plenty of fresh water available!
Did You Know...
Did you know that pugs, bulldogs, Pekingese, Boston terriers, and other flat faced dogs are susceptible to what is called "Reverse Sneezing?" This is a peculiar condition that causes them to suck air in at a frantic rate causing them to actually "honk." Due to their flat faces and somewhat naturally restricted airway, they can suddenly be in this state if they get excited, are surprised, or even startled. Although harmless in and of itself, it is quite unnerving to watch their whole body tense up and thrust their head forward while flexing every muscle in their body. While sucking in air through their nose this can last a few seconds to a minute or two. It looks much like a full body heave and could be mistaken as some sort of a seizure to those unfamiliar with these breeds. Learning how to stop this function is important because although they will eventually stop on their own, if this comes on while they are eating or drinking it can be serious if they suck food or water into their lungs and it develops into pneumonia. The easiest way to stop this is to place the flat palm of your hand over their nose and completely block the air from being sucked in. This will help them stop the action and minimize their "Honking!" After a few times that you help them stop, they will no longer pull away when you do this. They will learn that you are helping them stop this uncomfortable uncontrollable action. Butch actually seeks me out if he feels a "Honking" spell coming on! One of these days I'm going to record one and play it on the show!
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