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Issue: # 2 February 1, 2010
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JEMAR Entertainment, Inc. 
Hi Everyone, 
Welcome to another edition of the My Buddy Butch Chronicle! Still in the teens and twenties here, so Butch and I are trying to stay out of the cold!As we begin to grow the Chronicle be on the lookout for coupons at the bottom and other offers that we will present. As always, we do not wish to send unwanted email to anyone, and your email address was in our mail box or someone here received a business card or communication from you at one time. In addition to the email addresses we already have, in the future we will only be adding people who sign up for the "Chronicle." Please feel free to forward this email using the forward email button at the bottom of this page!
Butch and I hope you enjoy the MBB Chronicle and we hope we can help you love your pet a little bit more!
Jeff and Butch
MBB Radio Network News
MBB Radio NetworkLatest Show
Check out the MBB radio show this week AKC/Eukanuba National Championship interviews and also Erin Wanner producer of the dog show that will be aired on Animal Planet and Discovery Channel on February 6 at 8pm. PugFest from Ft. Meyers Florida with Karen Sloan. They have a great annual event that actually originated in Cincinnati Ohio! Kristen Smith of The Planet Dog Foundation stops by to discuss how they are helping the "Search and Rescue" Dogs that are currently working in Haiti and how you can help also. They are teaming up with the Search Dog Foundation and Joanne Woodward Newman and "Newman's Own" Brands Foundation for matching donations until Feb 8th! Interviews with Jason Taylor of Eukanuba and a few of the contestants from the show in Long Beach. Dr. Patrick Mahaney "Vet to The Stars" discusses "Hypothermia" in pets and we talk about 2 amazing rescues of dogs in trouble! Check out the AFTER SHOW BLOG for specific information and links. You can now tweet with us on Twitter ! And don't forget to check out our Facebook page also! Join us again next week! Don't miss it! 

New Show every Thursday night streams 24/7 from our site click the picture above. The show is also available for download at Apple iTunes, Zune, and at our web portal on BTR. Check the schedule and listen to the show LIVE at BTR Thursday's at 7pmET.
What's Next!
AKC_Eukanuba ChampionshipUpcoming 411
AKC Eukanuba Championship will air on Feb. 6th at 8pm untill 11pm on Animal Planet and Discovery Channel. I'll be attending the Westminster Dog Show in New York City on February 15-16th. Dr. Patrick Mahaney will be joining me as well as Record Producer and good friend Joe Lagani. We'll be roaming the benching area interviewing breeders and owners for our Westminster special on Feb18th.  We'll be talking with TV Host David Frei and we will try to catch up with Mario Lopez on the prep they are doing for Westminster beginning in February.
Article Feature - Antifreeze Incident
AntifreezeAuthor: Jeff Marginean and Butch
It never fails! Every January it seems that something happens with my truck that I end up having to work on it during the arctic weather that falls on us here in Ohio. Jan/Feb are the coldest months here as today it was 2 degrees this morning! Anyway, Last year the alternator went in January, the year before that the Idle intake valve went in January, and TAAAA DAAAA one week ago, right on time, the thermostat in the cooling system quit working causing the engine to overheat. Terrific, now stop everything and fix the truck. Being the consummate DIY guy (because I hate paying for something that I know I can fix myself) I set out to change the thermostat. (Asking yourself why is he talking about fixing a truck and not pets? Patience, I'm getting to that part!) Setting everything up and waiting for the truck to cool off for a couple hours, I was at least able to get the temperature to a nice 60 degrees in my garage before tearing into the engine. The first thing I had to do was drain the ANTIFREEZE which is always a pain and creates a mess no matter how careful you try to be. Well, draining the antifreeze from the truck, I spilled some on the cement, then I realized that the small hose fell out of the bucket and antifreeze ran all over the floor. Not thinking much of it I threw some Zorb-All down and finished repairing the truck. I finished, pulled the truck out of the garage so I could clean up the floor, and let Butch outside. As I watched him trot past the antifreeze puddles and go outside, it hit me. I remembered that antifreeze can kill your pet if it drinks it. The particular smell of anti freeze attracts them and they WILL drink it, in some cases. Butch generally will not sniff around on the garage floor because of the dust and salt that the tires drag in everyday. He has learned he will go into a sneezing fit if he sniffs around in the garage. I counted 12 in a row once. Researching this I found that as little as 1/2 teaspoon can kill the average size cat and 8 ounces can kill a 75 pound dog. Ethylene Glycol, which is the substance in antifreeze that is highly toxic and dangerous to your pet. I found that they are now making antifreeze out of propylene glycol which is about 1/3 as toxic. Prestone and other companies now make a "Low Tox" antifreeze with propylene glycol which is less harmful to pets and the environment. There is also an initiative to add taste inhibitors to antifreeze to deter pets and animals from drinking it. If you suspect your pet has drank antifreeze call your vet immediately. There is also help from the ASPCA's Animal Poison Control Center 24/7 at (888) 426-4435. This is just one more incident in everyday life that might slip your mind when watching out for your pet.  
Did You Know...
Butch's 411Parvo Virus
A highly contagious febrile virus disease of dogs that is spread especially by contact with infected feces, that is caused by a strain (Canine parvovirus) of the parvovirus causing panleukopenia in cats, and that is marked by loss of appetite, lethargy, often bloody diarrhea and vomiting, and sometimes death. When is your dog due for booster shot? 
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