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AlaskaKids encourages kids to Get Active!

Kids and parents can visit AlaskaKids for ideas to stay busy in the long Alaska winter, including the Get Active section with information on different sports and activities available. Check out the Snow Sports section for  activities like ice skating, snowshoeing, skiing and more. There are also tips on how to find and join a local team with links to sport organizations, teams, and facilities throughout the state. Learn more...
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Anchorage, the Tent City

Alaska's biggest city sprawls across the Anchorage Bowl in Southcentral Alaska, from the edge of Cook Inlet to the slopes of the Chugach Mountains, its borders bumping against military installations on one side and a national forest on another.

It's hard to imagine its beginnings as a tent city near the muddy banks of Ship Creek in 1915. A railroad construction camp grew so large in such a short time that unsanitary conditions threatened the spread of disease. Read on and view the "Anchorage - Tent City" gallery of images here...

Tent City
The dirt street in 1915 Tent City
Dr. Seitz
Hilary Seitz, Ph.D
Abbigale Hears in Color

"Monday is yellow, Tuesday is orange, Wednesday is brown, Thursday is yellowish-gray, Friday is turquoise, Saturday is brown, and Sunday is yellow."

When a six-year-old states that the days of the week are different colors, her mother. Dr. Hilary Seitz begins researching the phenomenon of synesthesia, in which people can hear colors or taste sounds. Read how Hilary helps her daughter document her unique sensory experiences. Read on...

Peer Work Index on LitSite Alaska

LitSite Alaska is committed to showcasing excellent work by Alaskan students of all ages!

Designed to inspire academic success, LitSite's Peer Work Index of Alaskan peer examples serve as models for use in classrooms and homes. Seeing the work of other students helps generate creativity, inspire learning, and encourage self-esteem.

LitSite provides a quick reference to hundreds of examples in nonfiction, fiction, poetry, and visual art, organized by the age / grade level of the student writers and artists. Begin searching the index here...