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Did you know the killer whale is the largest species of the dolphin family? Kids can learn more about the orca and other featured Alaska critters at AlaskaKids!
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Alaska's Story, LitSite's new interactive timeline of Alaska's history is now available at LitSite.org 

Alaska's StoryAlaska has maintained a long and dynamic human past. Spanning a period from the Pleistocene Ice Ages to the end of the 20th century. Alaska has served as a geological, ecological and cultural bridge that has, and continues, to connect us to the broader world.

Alaska's Story is an interactive platform of Alaska's history divided into 9 time periods, providing brief narratives of Alaska's major historical events and themes.

View the interactive timeline here...

Peter Dunlap-Shohl - My Six (Known) Brushes With Death

An unromantic comedy with an unlikely couple, death and a carefree young boy, at its center. The two meet in unexpected places at surprising times, always managing to miss the lasting connection we feel is in store for them someday. Dunlap-Shohl's other films can be seen on our Featured Writers page.

Six Known Brushes With Death

History of Mt. McKinley National Park

Mt. McKinley Tourist & Transportation Co.
Mt. McKinley Tourist & Transportation Co.
In 1917, Mount McKinley was established as a national park to protect the wildlife that inhabited the area, with a focus on conservation, not on developing its tourism potential

LitSite's Digital Archives has a great collection of images showing the story of how Mt. McKinley National Park was opened to tourists via horses, trains, and buses. Visit the Mt. McKinley Tourist & Transportation Co. gallery of images here...