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Play the Serum Run Game to Learn About the Iditarod!

Kids will have a wild time learning facts about the 1925 diphtheria outbreak in Nome, Alaska.

Play the Serum Run Game and check out more educational games at AlaskaKids.


Nora Story

Using Storytelling to Cope with Cancer

For Nora Story Clark and her parents, Bob and Andrea, storytelling and art became a way to cope with Nora's battle with cancer, which was discovered when Nora was only 2 years old. View the entire collection of stories, drawings and images from Nora's Story here ...

Now 18, Nora will attend UAA fall of 2010. Check out the newest addition to Nora's Story - a video of Nora singing and playing the ukulele at her high school talent show...

In LitSite's Family Collections you can view more stories by parents who share their love of reading and writing with their children in many different ways.

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Richard Neubauer, MD, FACP When a Doctor is Sick... A Personal Journey Toparticle

This is a follow-up to LitSite Alaska's Narrative and Healing: A Physician With Amyloidosis.

When Dr. Richard Neubauer was diagnosed with primary amyloidosis in 2002, a condition he describes as, "one of those that you learn about in medical school and wonder if you will ever see a case," he says he couldn't have imagined how his career could have changed so dramatically.

LitSite Alaska contains a Narrative and Healing section focusing on the therapeutic properties of writing and storytelling, providing examples of how people of all ages face life's challenges through the art of telling their stories.  In a special feature, Physician as Patient, Dr. Neubauer and others about this rarely explored but important topic. It was the basis for a conference held in Anchorage in 2008. In his preface to the conference, Dr. Neubauer says, "(This is) an experiment of sorts. What can we learn from the experiences of fellow physicians who have become patients? Can these lessons make us better doctors? And, for those of us who have never experienced illness, are there ways to prepare for the inevitable time when that will change?"
Read on...

Togo and Balto - Heroes of NomeGunnar Kaasen and Balto in their race to Nome

While many details of the great Serum Run of 1925 have faded into history, the names of two famous Alaska dogs, Togo and Balto, have spanned the decades.

Their owner, Norwegian-born Leonhard Seppala, came to Nome during the height of its gold rush on June 14, 1900. The dogs were imports from Siberia, a team of huskies that were intended for a polar expedition headed by Roald Amundsen. When the expedition was canceled, the team was given to Seppala. Togo, named for the Japanese admiral Togo Heihachiro (1848-1934), was born in 1913 and developed into Seppala's favorite. Read on...
When a Doctor is Sick - continued from topBottom

As a physician, Dr. Neubauer recalls his initial reactions to the diagnosis and approach to treatment. He says he wanted to be a "good patient." He also wanted to contribute to the education of young physicians and he wanted to be sure that he tried hard not to be a self-described "pain-in-the-neck."

Learning to cope with illness in oneself or among close family or friends is never easy, and in Dr. Neubauer's A Physician With Amyloidosis, he describes his illness from a unique perspective.
Dr. Neubauer shares intimacies, like how he documented his symptoms prior to seeing a physician. He acknowledges a state of denial when faced with the severity of the diagnosis, "...frankly, I did not want any (diagnosis) that might explain my symptoms..." As he goes through this very personal journey, Dr. Neubauer considers various treatment methods acknowledging, "...the benefit of any needs to be weighed against the damage it could do. That kind of uncertainty is very difficult to deal with..." He speaks occasionally about his family, and he comes to grips with the possibility of death.

Later, he reflects on how his career has changed since becoming ill. "It has been ironic in some ways that some of the most significant work I've done in organized medicine has occurred since I became ill. It has been my goal to make something that could be just plain bad into something that has aspects of good...."

Litsite Alaska presents The Physician As Patient examining the experiences of doctors as patients, opening a window on the health care process in partnership with the American College of Physicians. It is a unique collaboration that focuses on the therapeutic properties of narrative. Also visit the Narrative and Healing section (ADD LINK) for a wide array of professional and personal perspectives on the healing properties of sharing one's stories.

Listen to audio from Dr. Neubauer's complete presentation and read the article here...