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 Kids can stay up to date and learn more about the animals in recent headlines by visiting the Animals in the News page at AlaskaKids. Featured stories include the discovery of new species, animals facing extinction, animal studies and more.  News links are updated every day.
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Earthquake photo LitSite's Digital Archive Partnership

The Digital Archives Partnership is a collaboration between LitSite Alaska and the Alaska's Digital Archives.  View the wealth of historical images, maps and more here...
Roy Huhndorf Native Rights Started in a Freezer... and Other True Stories by Alaska's Leaders feature

Ever wonder about early life in remote Alaska villages? Do you ever think about how Alaska's first leaders achieved success in a state filled with so many challenges?

LitSite Alaska features a collection of stories, articles and first-hand accounts reflecting the cultures and heritage of Alaska's people and offers a window to early life in Alaska. Among the more than 60 articles about cultural heritage, life in Alaska, the art of storytelling and a special section devoted to the 30-year anniversary of the Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act (ANCSA), you'll find a poignantly titled narrative featuring Roy Huhndorf, Native Rights Started in a Freezer.


Using Native Legends and Culture
the ClassroomTlingit Moon and Tide cover

Educators who felt the need to represent Southeast  Native culture in schools took action when they created Tlingit Moon and Tide, a teaching guide developed to help educators use Native legends and culture to teach science in the classroom.
LitSite features excerpted lesson plans for educators using the guide as well as an impressive collection of Native legends to teach from. Read the narrative, The Origins of Tlingit Moon and Tide, by Dr. Dolly Garza, a developer of the guide.

History & Culture

Native Rights Started in a Freezer - ...continued from top.

Yup'ik Eskimo, Huhndorf is perhaps best recognized for his efforts to create a better standard of life for Alaska's Eskimos, Indians and Aleuts through enhanced economic conditions and social empowerment in his role as a founding board member of Cook Inlet Regional Inc. (CIRI). The narrative, as told to Alexandra J. McClanahan, chronicles Huhndorf's life, in his own words, from birth in the Interior village of Nulato in 1940 to the start of his involvement in what is now one of the largest regional corporations in Alaska.

Native Rights Started in a Freezer and the other articles included in the History and Culture section of LitSite help us better understand the state's early years and the powerful voices working to enhance the lives of Alaska's Natives. This collection provides an important tool to document Alaska's history and preserve the memories and traditional storytelling methods of Alaska's Native people.

Take a look at LitSite's collection of historical and cultural articles and essays here...