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March 2012

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 Survivor Outreach Program~ 
Trained Volunteers needed in ALL areas of Indiana!
Training is free!
Surviving after suicide brochure



A sympathetic ear and a helping hand. Most survivors who have met others who have also experienced suicide loss can attest to the power of this shared connection. It is often a fellow survivor who can recommend a book, connect someone to a support group or another resource, or simply provide reassurance.


How do I request an outreach visit? Simply contact your local AFSP Survivor Outreach Program Coordinator. (See list below.) You'll be asked about your particular loss in order to match your request to a team of two trained volunteer survivors.  Soon after, one of the members of the outreach team will contact you to schedule the visit at a convenient and comfortable location of your choice. The visit generally lasts about an hour.


I know someone who is newly bereaved. Can I request an outreach visit for this person? Please feel free to contact your your local AFSP Survivor Outreach Program Coordinator for more information about the program and share that information with anyone who needs it.  AFSP volunteers only meet with bereaved families and friends who have personally requested a visit.


Is this a counseling service? No, this is not a mental health or counseling service. Outreach volunteers can provide information to the newly bereaved on how to find a qualified mental health professional.


I'm worried that a friend may be suicidal. Can I request an outreach visit for this person? Please call the Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 800-273-TALK (8255) if you are worried that someone may be thinking of suicide so you can speak with a qualified crisis counselor. AFSP's Survivor Outreach Program is not appropriate in these cases.


INDIANA Volunteer Coordinator - Lisa Davis 
(317) 430-5000


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Fall 2012 ~
Out of the Darkness Walks are currently being secured and posted to our website for Indiana
walk logo
We currently have 2 walks posted to our website

September 15, 2012

October 27, 2012
Event Sites waiting to be posted are:

Chesteron (Porter County)
Union City
Munster (NWIndiana)
South Bend
Fort Wayne 

Please keep an eye on the 
website for updated events!

If you are interested in starting a walk in your area please contact the Chapter Chair, Lisa Brattain at 317.774.1377 or for more details.
More Than Sad logo
More Than Sad is a program developed by AFSP in a collaborative effort with the New York State Office of Mental Health.  It is listed on the Best Practices Registry with the 

It is our intention to provide this program to every Middle and High School in the State of Indiana for FREE

Contact your local schools and request that they incorporate this program into their health class curriculum and/or Freshman orientation (just a couple of options), and help us raise funds in any of our Out of the Darkness Walks to ensure we can continue to provide these programs for FREE.

More Than Sad is an introduction to mental health issues that students can face, how to get help and what getting help may look like, helping to erase the stigma of depressive illnesses and encourage help seeking behaviors.

The Video package has a program for Students and another video program and power point for teachers, counselors and parents

This program can also be used in small group settings such as youth groups in church, etc.

View the program at 
Issue: #1
BSU Campus Walk1

2012 has brought on a full calendar of events, trainings, volunteer opportunities, new programs and more!   The AFSP Indiana Chapter is excited to be able to provide these programs to our Hoosier communities with the help of a strong volunteer base that is dedicated to seeing the stigma of depression and suicide silenced.  We as a Country lose more than 36,000 Americans to suicide each year, with a suicide attempt estimated to occur every 28 seconds.  In Indiana, we lose more than 800 Hoosiers to suicide each year, with a teen being lost by suicide every 4.5 days.  It has never been more important to educate our schools, communities and families about depression and the risk factors and warning signs of suicide.  If you fear someone is in crisis- take every threat of suicide seriously and get that individual to help immediately. 
 Lifeline - RED
Facilitator Training
Suicide Bereavement Support Groups
Indianapolis April 13 & 14
Interested in starting/facilitating a support group in your community?   


Does your community have a suicide loss support group?  Have you ever considered starting a support group in your area?  To date- there are only 17 suicide loss bereavement groups in the state of Indiana, which doesn't sufficiently provide resources to our Hoosier communities when we, in Indiana, lose more than 800 Hoosier by suicide per year... leaving a large number of our communities without resources. Larger communities can often times utilize more than one support group on alternating weeks.

This training is only offered a few times per year, and our Chapter was able to bring this training to Indiana in April 2012.  

Training Program: Facilitating Suicide Bereavement Support Groups - Indianapolis, IN - April 13 and 14, 2011

A 2-day, hands-on training to help survivors of suicide loss, mental health professionals, and interested others learn the "how-to's" of creating and facilitating a support group. 

Read More & Register Online- deadline is March 25th  


Spring brings Campus Out of the Darkness Walks to
 Indiana schools and communities!
Campus Walks for Indiana 2012 

April 14-  Ivy Tech Community College- Logansport
               Purdue North Central - Westville 
April 21 - Ball State University - Muncie 
April 28 - Butler University -Indianapolis 
May 12 -  Columbus Campus Walk- Columbus  
               (awarded one of the top 5 in the Country for 2011) 
We are waiting on teams to secure sites for 2 more walks this spring, keep an eye on the registration page.... more details to come!
Field Advocates Needed in Indiana
February 2012- Capitol Hill Visits with 8 of our 9 Hoosier Congressmen offices, and both Senate offices, to discuss Federal Level Suicide Prevention needs.  
Pictured Below: Carrie Kush (South Bend), Carly Petersen (Valparaiso), Kisha Allman (Columbus), Lisa Brattain (Noblesville), Lisa Downs (Indianapolis), Gage Donahue (Jeffersonville) 
Capitol Hill Visit 2012
Advocating is nothing more than a willingness to employ your voice when engaged by your heart, which moves you to action... 

Being an advocate doesn't require you to have extensive training, have a solid understanding of politics, nor do you even have to love politics... advocating for anything, whether it be for a wrong to be righted, or a rule to be changed, or to defend someone or group in need of defending... your willingness to lend your voice already makes you an advocate.  You practice being an advocate every time you speak up about an issue or cause you feel strongly about, whether it be at home, work, school, or at our State House or even Capitol Hill.  If Suicide Prevention and Depression Awareness are topics that speak to your heart... consider lending your voice.   
Check out the Field Advocate Program HERE
Check out the 2012 Advocacy Forum HERE
Check out the Public Policy Resource Center HERE

Your AFSP Public Policy office will hold its first webinar of 2012 to educate all Field Advocates on the key issues, or "Talking Points," delivered at this year's Advocacy Forum.  This will ensure that all Field Advocates are well-versed in AFSP's 2012 Public Policy Priorities and are given the opportunity to educate members of Congress on how they can support those priorities.

***Registration is required for this webinar; visit the following link to register:


Upon successful registration, you will receive an email confirmation with a login link for use on March 8th.  To enter the webinar, simply click this login link.  However, if you experience any difficulties with the login link sent to you via email, you may click here to enter the webinar directly.  Please turn on your sound as we will provide audio through your computer speakers.


Looking forward to having you join us on March 8th for AFSP's Virtual Advocacy Forum!

3rd Annual "Ride to Silence the Stigma"
word motorcycle logo MOTORCYCLE RIDE
Join us June 9th, 2012 at Harley Davidson of Indianapolis - East 96th street (Northside) 
Register Online
Join us for the ride, prizes and food- before & after 
Please download the flyer at the bottom of the registration page and help us promote the ride by sharing the flyer with friends, family and local establishments that you frequent.  
Join us to Silence the Stigma of Depression and Suicide! 

Thank you for your continued support of AFSP Indiana!  If you are interested in being a volunteer with the Chapter, please let us know and we will help you determine where your passion for change best fits, and connect you with the appropriate team coordinator to get you started. 

Please take a moment to click through the Quick Links above to learn more about AFSP Nationally and Locally.  

To our Survivors: I am sure you have noticed that there is not a "Survivor Spotlight" in this issue.  If you feel as if you would like to share your story with our mailing list, please submit your story in a word document, along with a picture (seperate jpeg file) to Lisa Brattain to add to future publications of Breaking the Silence.

Additionally, We are currently in our Corporate Sponsorship drive for all of our community walks and events.  If you would like to see your company logo on the backs of the shirt for a walk in your community, please don't hesitate to contact us.  We love to see the community get involved!

Please FIND US at the CIrcle City PRIDE Festival on June 9th!

Lisa Brattain - Chapter Chair, & the AFSP IN Board of Directors
American Foundation for Suicide Prevention Indiana Chapter
P.O. Box 1793
Noblesville, IN 46061