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Welcome to the AFSP Indiana monthly Newsletter!
AFSP Indiana Fall events are in full swing. We hope you have been able to join us for one of the 9 Out of the Darkness walks this Fall.  There are still 3 walks left for the Fall in Indiana, as well as International Survivors of Suicide Day on November 19th.  We have alot of information to share with you, contained in this months newsletter.  There are several programs in which survivors or other interested parties can get involved: Chairing a community walk in the Fall of 2012 or a Campus walk in the Spring of 2012, hosting a Survivor Day Event on November 19th, Become a Survivor Outreach Volunteer, Become a Field Advocate, Host an event that partners with or features AFSP in your community.... oh the possibilities!  
We are working to schedule and host a Facilitator Training in Indianapolis in the Spring of 2012 to encourage the development of new Suicide Survivor Support Groups around the state.  
The State of Indiana (FSSA division of DMHA) has assembled a task force to write the Indiana State Suicide Prevention Plan, and AFSP Indiana has been one of many stakeholders at the table during this process.  We will gladly share this plan with you when it is finalized.  

A BIG "THANK YOU" TO ALL THE INDIANA OUT OF THE DARKNESS WALK COORDINATORS AND VOLUNTEERS~ You are helping to Silence the Stigma of Depression and Suicide!  
Focus on:

Survivors of Suicide Loss

13th Annual International Survivors of Suicide Day
survivor day logo
Day of Healing for Bearevment after Suicide 
Survivors of suicide loss gather at hundreds of simultaneous healing conferences around the world every year on International Survivors of Suicide Day to connect with others who have survived the tragedy of suicide loss, and express and understand the powerful emotions they experience.

( We hope to have 8 sites in Indiana, if you are interested, please act quickly, it is not to late to plan this event in your city)

(Hammond and Indianapolis are Chapter sponsored sites)

Remembrance Jewelry
Mothers Bracelet
AFSP's hand-crafted Remembrance Jewelry is a gift that can bring comfort during a difficult time.  A portion of the proceeds goes directly to AFSP's survivor programs. Place your order today at
View the entire line of Remembrance Jewelry here
Quilt Program 
Lifekeeper Quilt Program
AFSP Memory Quilts are collaborative tributes created by survivors of suicide loss that are publically displayed at local and national events in order to put a human face on the tragedy of suicide and the devastating toll it has taken on our families and communities.

Share your story and honor the memory of your loved one by crafting a quilt square for an AFSP Lifekeeper Memory Quilt. It's easy to do -no sewing skills are needed.

The Chapter brings these quilts to display at most AFSP events, depending on weather and availability.

If you are interested in more information or would like to have a quilt packet sent to you, please contact Lisa Davis (below)

Chapter Organizer:
Lisa Davis:
Area Served: Entire 
state of Indiana


Survivor Outreach Program
Surviving after suicide brochure


After a suicide, those left behind often:

  • wonder if there is anyone out there that understands
  • need local resources for support
  • want reliable information about suicide and its aftermath, but aren't sure where to find it
A sympathetic ear and a helping hand
Most survivors who have met others who have also experienced suicide loss can attest to the power of this shared connection. It is often a fellow survivor who can recommend a book, connect someone to a support group or another resource, or simply provide reassurance.


It is our hope to build a network of trained survivors throughout Indiana to participate and be available to newly bereaved survivors. It is recommended that you be atleast 2 years into your own grieving process to effectively participate in this program as an outreach volunteer.  Every Community in Indiana NEEDS trained volunteers!  

As a survivor, do you remember the comforting presence of the first survivor you encountered after your own loss?  Are you willing to be that comfort for someone else?


Interested in volunteering to make visits?

Volunteer Application


INDIANA: Lisa Davis

Volunteer Coordinator 

(317) 430-5000  



Indiana Suicide Loss Support Groups and Other Resources
Resource and Healing Guide

For so many survivors, a crucial part of their healing process is the support and sense of connection they feel through sharing their grief with other survivors.

Some survivors attend a support group almost immediately, some wait for years; others attend for a year or two and then go only occasionally -- on anniversaries, holidays, or particularly difficult days.


(Indianapolis to host a training in Spring 2012)


Survivor Spotlight
Elisabeth (Lis) Crosby

Nancy Crosby


Nancy C. Crosby

December 7, 1963 - September 30, 2006


I have never doubted that my mom loved my brother and I unconditionally. I have also never doubted that my mom knew my brother and I loved her unconditionally. However, I think that God and we were the only ones that she felt that kind of love from.


I think if my mom were able to share her story, she definitely would have to write a book. For the sake of the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention, her story needs to focus on one issue: children's sexual abuse.


My mom was a victim of severe sexual abuse by her own father/abuser from the age of 5 till 15. The sexual abuse stopped at age 15 when her abuser chose to kill himself for the fear of being exposed.


My mom would want to let the world know to listen when children speak, be attentive and proactive when a child starts to act out, or behave differently, pay attention, open your eyes, and act on your gut and never stay silent. A child's life depends on it.


The root of my mom's struggles her entire life was her sexual abuse. It intertwined and infested itself in every angle imaginable. Depression, anxiety, and every other known mental health diagnoses in a college psychology textbook were the direct result of her abuse.


Through all of this pain she never lost her ability to love. And love her children she did. Her entire life was devoted to her babies. My mom loved Jonathan and I so intensely. I believe we became her reason to live.


            She was the loudest fan at every game, pulled all nighters to help us finish homework, the best back tickler, made miracles on every Christmas, making us sing the "We" song as a family, coached our football team, made birthdays unforgettable, making sure we knew she was our #1 fan, coming up with corny family acronyms like CCC, sealed every note with her bright pink lipstick kiss and a xoxo, danced and sang her heart out to Whitney Houston and Celine Dion in the kitchen, famous for saying, "Memories! You're going to miss this when I'm gone!" and embarrassingly she hugged and kissed us no matter how old we were or what friends were around. Most importantly she told us how proud she was of us and how much she loved us. How she raised two children on her own, I'll never know.


I lost my mom on September 30, 2006. She was 42 years old. Her daily struggle of survival from the torture of years of childhood sexual abuse finally came to an end. I know in my heart of hearts that my mom is finally at peace and is with God.


I am so proud of being the first born of Nancy C. Crosby. My mom is the strongest person I have ever met. Her story could be a New York Times Best Seller. She will forever be my inspiration and hero.


Elisabeth & Jonathan Crosby- Indy OOTD Walk 2011


I walk every year at the Indianapolis, Indiana American Foundation for Suicide Prevention's 'Out of the Darkness Walk' to keep my mother's story of survival alive and to never stay silent about children's sexual abuse. Her love and strength is what inspires me to be apart of a movement that will remove the stigma of suicide by helping fund research, education, prevention, and advocacy in hopes of saving a victim of children's sexual abuse from suicide.


written by                              

Elisabeth N. Crosby  




 Elisabeth & Jonathan Crosby
2011 Indianapolis Out of the Darkness Walk
Elisabeth has been an Indianapolis Top Fundraiser for several years now!  
Her dedication is inspiring!
Through December 31st, 2011!
You can text to donate $10 to the Indiana walk of your choice!
To Give $10 to your walk (its as simple as a text)

Text: AFSP and CITYCODE(see codes below for all 9 Indiana OOTD walks) to 85944 and reply YES to
confirm your gift!

Please note: all Text Donations will be directed towards GENERAL Walk Funds, not a specific walker or team.
You MUST have a space between AFSP and CITYCODE in order for your donation to be processed.

Indianapolis OOTD- Code: AFSP INDY
Northwest OOTD- Code: AFSP MUNSTER
South Bend OOTD- Code: AFSP SBEND
Terre Haute OOTD- Code: AFSP HAUTE

Please share this with all your friends, post to your wall on Facebook & invite friends/family to participate. IT IS AN AWESOME WAY TO DONATE $10 for Depression awareness and Suicide Prevention!
Help Us Silence the Stigma! 
Become a Field Advocate
for Indiana!  We Need YOU!

Advocacy & AFSP

Capitol Hill 

Learn more about being a Field Advocate 



As part of its mission, AFSP continues efforts to create and implement strategies for suicide prevention on the national, state and community levels.  But we cannot do this alone: social change can only occur if it is driven by the collective action of individuals and communities across the nation.  AFSP/SPAN USA's Field Advocate Program seeks to inspire others to raise their community's awareness about suicide and help spread the word that prevention is possible.


Field Advocates work together with the AFSP's public policy office to fulfill the following objectives:

  • Increase our public official's awareness of suicide as a public health problem in every community across the country
  • Promote local, state and federal policies and programs that prevent suicide
  • Disseminate information to individuals in the community regarding AFSP activities
  • Build partnerships with other local suicide prevention and mental health agencies, governments, media and other organizations with a stake in public health
  • Help remove the stigma associated with suicide by bringing the subject out in the open and discussing what can be done to prevent it
  • Recruit additional Field Advocates to join AFSP and the fight against suicide
  • Give a voice to suicide survivors so they can become a positive force in the community and prevent future suicides


AFSP's goal is to have 870 Field Advocates across the country -- at least two in every Congressional district in the United States.  Indiana has 9 Congressional Districts.  When this is achieved, AFSP/SPAN USA will spread the word of suicide prevention to each and every member of Congress through their constituents in the Field Advocate network. 


AFSP will travel to Washington DC in February 2012, and our Indiana representatives will be meeting with both Senate offices as well as all 9 Congressional offices, to discuss Suicide Prevention needs in Indiana.  Our voices DO make a difference!  We need advocates in Indiana!  We currently have 4.... Will you join our local efforts?


It is important that Field Advocates know that no matter how much (or how little) time they have to devote to the cause, there are many ways that they can make a difference.  


please visit  for an application that can be filled out online and submitted via email, faxed to (202) 449-3601 or mailed to:



1010 Vermont Avenue, NW, Suite 408

Washington, DC 20005


Contact Lisa Brattain ( or 317.774.1377 for more information

Focus On:
Education Resources
For School Staff & Middle, High School and College Students
How do we help our Hoosier Students?
More Than Sad logo
More Than Sad is a program of the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention that provides education about factors that put youth at risk for suicide, in particular depression and other mental disorders.  It is the AFSP Indiana Chapters intention to provide this program to every Middle School and High School in the state- FOR FREE (being funded by Out of the Darkness Walk funds put to use in our state)- Please send us the following information about your school: School Name, Principal's Name, Head Counselors Name, Address and Phone Number, County of school and Health Class Teachers Name.  We will follow up with the school to get them a free copy of the program to add to their student orientation or appropriate class curriculum.  
from the afsp wesite

Toolkit for Schools
A Resource for Schools that have experienced a suicide loss
Faced with students struggling to cope and a community struggling to respond, schools need reliable information, practical tools and pragmatic guidance.
Free online Resource
A Toolkit for Schools

College Student Depression and Suicide
Truth About Suicide in College 

The American Foundation for Suicide Prevention (AFSP) has developed The Truth about Suicide: Real Stories of Depression in College as an outgrowth of its commitment to support colleges and universities in implementing
suicide prevention as an integral part of their ongoing campus activities and services. The aim of this 27-minute film is to present a recognizable picture of depression and other problems associated with suicide, as they are commonly experienced by college students and other young adults.  There is accompanying print material for this program from our National Website: The Truth about Suicide.  This program is available to all Colleges in Indiana ~ for FREE (Contact the Indiana Chapter)

ISP- Interactive Screening Program


For College Students~
Why Do Colleges and Universities Need ISP? 
An estimated 15 percent of students suffer from depression and other mental disorders that put them at risk for suicide. Each year, 10 percent of students report that they've seriously considered suicide. Those who need help the most are often the least likely to request available services. Research shows that many troubled students have beliefs and attitudes that pose significant barriers to treatment. Each year, surveys show that less than 20 percent of college students who die by suicide were past or current clients of the campus counseling center.
The ISP provides a simple and effective way to proactively identify at-risk students and encourage them to get help. By engaging those in need, ISP supports student mental health, helps students remain in school and protects the institution in the event of a suicide death.

The Indiana Chapter of AFSP is looking for 3 Indiana Colleges to sponsor in the use of this program.... Free of Charge to the School!

Current List of ISP Schools 
For more information about ISP: click here

This program has been offered to 5 Indiana colleges so far- met unsuccessfully!  Resources are available and we need our communities to help encourage our schools to use the programs that are available. 
Consider this a "call to action" for our educators and parents.   

Best Practices Registry 

We appreciate everyone's help to keep Hoosier Students Safe!
Out of the Darkness
3 Indiana Out of the Darkness Community Walks Remaining for the Fall schedule of Events
walk logo
Bloomington - October 15th (looking for a few dedicated survivors to Lead the walk in 2012- please see Lisa Brattain on the day of the Event at the AFSP table)

Fort Wayne - October 22nd

Terre Haute (New) - November 5th

Register online at 

2011 NATIONAL Fundraising Prize Structure

As a thank you to our participants and as incentive to encourage them to raise more funds in support of AFSP's mission, we offer the following prize structure:

GRAND PRIZE (To the top Individual fundraiser nationwide): 

Trip for two to New York City including roundtrip airfare, two nights lodging and two VIP tickets to AFSP's Lifesavers Dinner gala event May 2012.



$5,000+iPad 2
$2,500-$4,999iPod Touch OR Amazon Kindle Wi-Fi
$1,000-$2,499iPod Shuffle OR Caseable Out of the Darkness sleeve (can choose from laptop, kindle, or iPad sleeve option)
$500-$999Out of the Darkness Zip Up Hooded Sweatshirt
$150 +Out of the Darkness T-shirt day of the walk

*T-shirts are distributed at the walk and are only available to those who raise $150 before the walk. Prizes are for individuals, not for teams, and based upon individual fundraising efforts. Non-shirt prizes are based on the amount of money turned in by walkers by Dec. 31, 2011**. Prizes are not cumulative. Limit: 1 prize per participant per Community Walk year. You may choose to donate your prize back to AFSP. Prize notifications will be emailed in January 2012 to confirm prize level and shipping information; a response to this confirmation is required to claim gift. Claims for gifts not received by April 15, 2012 (October 15, 2012 for walks occurring between January ,1 2012 and March 30, 2012) will be considered forfeit and donated back to AFSP. If you did not receive your notification please email

**For all walks occurring prior to Dec. 31, 2011. Walks occurring between January 1, 2012 and March 30, 2012 have until June 30, 2012 to turn in donations.

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Students: It is the perfect time of year to start planning an Out of the Darkness CAMPUS WALK at your High School or College for the spring of 2012.  If you are interested in bringing this awareness event to your school...Please contact Lisa Brattain (information below) asap to get started.  We had 4 Campus Walks last year (Ball State, Butler, Columbus community, and McCutcheon High School).  It is exciting to see young people so passionate about awareness and educating their schools about depression and suicide.

*To learn more about the AFSP/SPAN Field Advocate Program* Click Here  


*To learn more about AFSP funded research*  Click Here  


*To learn more about the ISP program for Colleges*  Click Here 


*To learn more about AFSP's LGBT Initiative*  Click Here 


*To learn more about the More Than Sad Program and Toolkit*  Click Here 


* To learn more about The Truth About Suicide for college students* Click Here  


*To find a support group or learn more about facilitating a new support group*  Click Here 


*To host or find an International Survivors of Suicide Day Event (November 19th)*  Click Here 



Peace & Blessings,


Lisa Brattain - Chapter Chair  

& the AFSP Indiana Board of Directors


American Foundation for Suicide Prevention  

Indiana Chapter ~ 2010 Chapter of the Year for a Mid-Size Market



P.O. Box 1793  

Noblesville, Indiana 46061



Join our efforts to Silence the Stigma of Suicide and Depression!


In the US, a person dies by suicide every 15 minutes.  

Every 16 minutes, someone is left to make sense of this tragic loss.



Media Recommendations for Responsible Reporting on Suicide