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June & July 2011


Happy 4th of July!  Welcome Summer!  and HUGE apologies for the absence of a June newsletter~ Many have asked if they missed it.  So this newsletter will be packed FULL of information to make up for the missing June newsletter!  :-)  Please be sure to mark your calendars for upcoming events like the Indians Baseball Game and the WNBA Fever Basketball Game (see the bottom of this newsletter), as well as the 8 Out of the Darkness Walks scheduled around Indiana this Fall! 


Indiana Out of the Darkness Community Walks!
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Registration is open for all 8 of the Indiana Out of the Darkness Walks! 


Register your team at

and start helping us silence the stigma of depression and suicide today!


Indianapolis will be the first walk of the Indiana walk season, September 10th (World Suicide Prevention Day)- which coincidentally is the end of National Suicide Prevention Week.  What will you be doing to acknowledge and raise awareness during  

National Suicide Prevention Week?

Register today!  


Indianapolis Walkers: We have a "Team Captain Kick-off Meeting" on July 7th.  You must be registered as a "team captain" to attend.  If you have registered your team for the Indianapolis Walk and are interested in attending this dinner meeting, please RSVP to Deb Yuska at 


Survivors of Suicide Loss- Resources
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The following Link will take you to webpage version of the AFSP Survivor e-network newsletter. - Click Here


13th Annual International Survivors of Suicide Day

November 19th, 2011


LifeKeeper Quilt Program


Facilitator Training Opportunities


Survivor Outreach Program


Please Contact Lisa Davis (AFSP Indiana Survivor Support Committee) for more details on any of the above programs at or call the chapter at 317.774.1377


If you have a quilt square that needs to be turned in for the 2011 walk season, please return those ASAP so that the quilts are ready for the walks this Fall~ Thank You. 

Survivor Spotlight
Doug Brattain ~ Noblesville

AFSP Board Member & "Ride to Silence the Stigma" coordinator for Indianapolis

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Survivor of Suicide Loss: One Father's perspective.


December 4th, 2006 marks the worst day of my life. My 19 year old son, Kurt, ended his own life that day, just 6 months after graduating from high school and 3 months into his freshman year of college.  I have never experienced so much mental and physical pain in all of my life. It was a day of helplessness, fear, anguish, despair, anger, and failure. Yes failure. You see as a father, I was charged with a responsibility to my family to not only support them, love and care for them, but to keep them from harms way. Regardless of the helplessness in this situation, the reality for me is that I failed to protect my son during his time of need. I failed to bare his burden and protect him from whatever turmoil was going on inside of him. It is a powerful burden on my heart that cannot be talked away and I question whether I will ever fully forgive myself.

Probably the most profound words spoken to me (by my wife Lisa) over the past 4 years is that everyone grieves differently and no two people can fully understand the burden of grief that we put on ourselves, but there is a commonality among all of us that have experienced suicide loss and an understanding that no one else gets. I totally agree with her on this point. There is no way to accurately explain what it is like to have lost a loved one to a disease that so many do not recognize, understand, or care to acknowledge. There is no way to convey the hole in our hearts to individuals that cannot get past what a shame it is because "we should not outlive our children".  They are right we should not out live our children, so let's do something about it rather than just say what a shame it is. Let's talk about the fact that my son was a handsome young man, strong in his love for children and animals, hilariously funny, and artistically creative, but suffered daily with a depressive disorder. Let's talk about the stigma linked to anything labeled as a "mental illness" and the reluctance to admit to anyone that such a problem might exist. Let's talk about the never ending pain that will forever reside in a father that misses his son everyday. The pain never goes away, we simply build up enough tolerance that we can mask it so we can continue to function.

I will never fully understand the pain and sorrow my wife feels in her daily struggle, because she was his mother and I do not know what that is like. Just like my wife will never fully understand the pain and struggle that I have in my heart as his father. For some the loss raises a question regarding faith. In fact, for some the method of loss causes them to think in terms of a life wasted or even a question regarding Gods mercy on the souls of those who have committed suicide. My response is simple; my son lives in heaven with our lord and savior. If he would have left this world by some other disease no one would ever question his place in heaven, so please never make the grave error to pass judgment on my son or anyone else afflicted with a depressive disorder. His life brought me so much joy that the only waste would have been never to have known this extraordinary young man and the love and joy he brought to my life.

I am confident that we will band together to help those in need and eliminate the stigma to bring this disease to a level of awareness that can be dealt with without scrutiny.

God bless you all and keep you in a place of love. I offer prayers to all and to anyone in need.


Douglas Brattain  


Pictures from the Indianapolis Motorcycle Ride can be found on Facebook (Indiana Chapter Page)


More Than Sad - Indiana Initiative: We need your HELP


The AFSP Indiana Board of Directors has made getting the MORE THAN SAD program into ALL Indiana middle schools and high schools a priority for 2011-2012!

*Free to our Hoosier schools- provided by money raised in the Out of the Darkness Walks in Indiana* 

We need YOUR help to accomplish this goal.  We need man power to help us approach schools, introduce the program, tell them we are offering it to schools for free to be implemented into their health or gym class curriculum ... and we will do the rest.  If you are interested in helping us educate our students about a variety of depressive illnesses, the warning signs and how to get help... please let us know and we can get you started!
The first step in suicide prevention is identifying the causes of suicide.  Depression is the leading cause of suicide loss. 
Review the program and become familiar with the video and literature at

If you are interested in helping us with this initiative, please contact the Chapter Chair, Lisa Brattain at or 317.774.1377


It is a pleasure to serve our Hoosier communities as we strive to raise awareness & educate, provide programs and help those in need find resources, encourage and inspire those living with a depressive illness, those that have attempted suicide, and survivors of suicide loss!.  We are a community, We can learn from each other, We can educate others and We can make a difference.  Together we will be heard~ We will stand together!

*To Learn more about AFSP funded research*

Click Here 

*To Learn More about the ISP program for Colleges

Click Here 

*To Learn More about AFSP's LGBT Initiative*

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*To Learn More about the More Than Sad Program

Click Here 

Peace & Blessings,
Lisa Brattain - Chapter Chair
& the AFSP Indiana Board of Directors
American Foundation for Suicide Prevention
Indiana Chapter ~ 2010 Chapter of the Year for a Mid-Size Market
P.O. Box 1793
Noblesville, Indiana 46061

Join our efforts to Silence the Stigma of Suicide and Depression!

In the US, a person dies by suicide every 15 minutes.  Every 16 minutes, someone is left to make sense of this tragic loss.


Media Recommendations for Responsible Reporting on Suicide

Don't forget to buy your tickets for the Indians Game and the Fever Game- listed and linked below!  Mark your Calendars!
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Interactive Screening Program 

Another resource that AFSP Indiana is offering to 2 Indiana Colleges for FREE!

AFSP has expanded its innovative, anonymous Interactive Screening Program for college students, which has been shown effective in getting those at risk into treatment. The ISP is now being used by 25 colleges and universities nationwide  


Who will be the First College in Indiana to receive ISP? 

Want to be a Field Advocate for Indiana?




Goal: 2 Field Advocates per Indiana District, 9 Districts in Indiana.  Who will join us?


Our voices DO matter!

Learn More....


Toolkit for Schools

Schools get much needed guidance for coping with suicide.......
Read More.....


UM Depression Center 

Know the Warning Signs

Lifeline number


Fundraising Tips

and Tools

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Fundraising Tips


Reaching the Minimum Fundraising Goal of $150 is easier than it sounds!


*Put in your own gift

*Ask your significant other for a gift

*Ask your boss for a gift

*Ask two co-workers for a gift

*Ask two friends for a gift

*Ask your neighbor for a gift

*Ask a relative for a gift


Other Tips:

*Start early

*Ask everyone and anyone!

*Use email

*Ask with energy and enthusiasm

*Collect as you go

*Share your success!

*Ask your contributors if their company has a matching gift program. This will double their gift!


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Indianapolis Indians Game  


Help Raise Money for the

American Foundation for Suicide Prevention Indiana Chapter and the Indianapolis Out of the Darkness Walk


Enjoy a night at Victory Field and support a good cause at the same time.

$5 of each ticket purchased is donated to the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention.

Exclusive Offer -  Reserved Seats: $10


Wednesday, August 24, 2011 at 7:05pm


Indianapolis Indians vs. Columbus Clippers





Code: AFSP

Facebook Event Page 

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WNBA Fever Community Spotlight Night

AFSP Indiana & Indiana Cares

September 7th at 7pm

During National Suicide Prevention Week! 

Please purchase tickets through the link provided :  and the password is AFSP

to ensure AFSP Indiana receives the donation for each ticket sold!

Share this event and link for tickets with your family & friends, youth groups, co-workers, etc.

See you for the game on the 7th! 


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