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Friday, April 27, 2012
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AJFCA's 40th Annual Conference

The 2012 AJFCA Annual Conference was a great success! The intriguing speakers and innovative sessions captured the attention of conference attendees. AJFCA Staff , the Board, and the Conference Committee would like to thank everyone who participated in this year's annual conference. We especially appreciate the hospitality of Jewish Family Service of Houston; their amazing staff and dedicated volunteers.  


Please share your feedback with us. The 2012 AJFCA Annual Conference Evaluation Survey is available.   


We have posted all continuing education credit evaluation forms and many workshop session presentations. All kovod award submissions, award photos, session presentations, continuing education credit evaluation forms, and host community event pictures will be posted online as materials are received. Your patience is greatly appreciated.


If you presented at the conference and would like to share your PowerPoint and/or handouts, please email them to Megan 

Thank you to AJFCA's wonderful sponsors. We greatly appreciate their support and time.    


We look forward to seeing you in Phoenix, in May 2013 for the 41st AJFCA Annual Conference. 

Senate Reauthorizes the Violence Against Women Act (VAWA)
Last night, the Senate passed the reauthorization of VAWA by a vote of 68-31. This reauthorized version includes needed improvements in the law that provides federal law enforcement agencies the tools and authority to combat crimes against women. Since the first enactment of
VAWA in 1994, instances of violence against women have decreased 53 percent. Now the House of Representatives must pass VAWA for it to become law.  


We can expect to see partisan disagreement in the House and we will keep you informed as this bill makes its way through the legislative process. If you have any questions, please contact Shelley. For linkJWI to the full article, click here.


Lee Sherman, AJFCA CEO and Lori Weinstein, Executive Director of Jewish Women International, co-authored an op ed, in early March, highlighting the issue of domestic violence in the Jewish community and calling for advocacy for continuation of the federal Violence Against Women Act (VAWA).

jfs delaware 

In recognition of JFS Delaware's excellent work in domestic violence prevention, Vice President Biden invited JFS Delaware to the White House on April 18th for a panel discussion on the Violence Against Women Act and a private lunch with the Vice President. Attending with Dory Zatuchni, CEO, was Scott Michels, Director of Youth Development, Brahmin Jackson, Media Matters intern and case manager, and Tre Bracey, Media Matters intern. We are so proud of Dory and her team for representing JFS at the highest level of government. Please read Dory's detailed account of the day, including a description of the briefing and private lunch.  

Contemplating a Future Without Holocaust Survivors

Contemplating a Future Without Holocaust Survivors, April 18, 2012, eJP, by Michele Alperin   

Planning for a time when survivors are no longer alive, some focus on preserving the literal memory of the Holocaust as both a sacred obligation to the victims and an educational tool. Others suggest that more effective ways to remember will be new ritualized commemorations and Holocaust fiction.


As the number of Holocaust survivors able to give direct testimony about their horrific experiences during World War II is dropping precipitously, the Jewish community is seriously considering how the Holocaust narrative may adjust to a future where noejp full logo eyewitnesses remain.


According to Hillary Kessler-Godin of the Conference on Jewish Material Claims against Germany, about 500,000 survivors remain alive worldwide. The Holocaust Survivors Assistant Act of 2011 estimated that about 127,000 survivors were still alive in the United States, and Dr. Paul Winkler, executive director of the New Jersey Commission on Holocaust Education, suggests that over the past six or seven years the number of survivors in New Jersey has decreased from 5,000 to about 2,000.


Speaking to these demographic realities, Dr. Jonathan Sarna, professor of American Jewish history at Brandeis University, says, "As I tell my students, they are really the last generation that will be able to say they personally knew individuals who experienced the Shoah."


April 18th marked this year's Holocaust Remembrance Day, known as "Yom HaShoah" in Israel. As scholars and educators consider a future without survivors, some focus on preserving the literal memory of the Holocaust as both a sacred obligation to the victims and an educational tool for ensuring "never again." Others suggest that more effective ways to remember the tragedy will be new ritualized commemorations and even Holocaust fiction.

How to Raise Money to Strengthen Your Nonprofit

How to Raise Money to Strengthen Your Nonprofit, April 16, 2012, Social Velocity, by Nell Edgington 

There is a revolutionary concept that could dramatically transform the nonprofit sector, if only every nonprofit leader knew about it: capacity capital. Capacity capital is the money nonprofits so desperately need to strengthen and grow their organizations. Nell Edgington, President of Social Velocity and 2012 AJFCA conference plenary speaker is delighted to announce this months' Financing Not Fundraising webinar, Raising Capacity Capital, that will show nonprofit leaders how to raise this critical kind of money.


Capacity capital is the money that every nonprofit needs, but most find so hard to raise. Capacity capital can help your nonprofit to:social velocity

  • Hire a development director
  • Launch an earned-income stream
  • Expand your programs
  • Evaluate your impact
  • Train your staff

It is money for infrastructure and organization building. If you want to move your organization out of the starvation cycle, you have to learn how to raise capacity capital.


It's incredibly powerful to think about the implications of this concept for the entire nonprofit sector. If a nonprofit that provides a solution to a social problem was no longer impeded by a lack of capital, it could be revolutionary.

Download Presentations from Aging in America
Download Presentations from Aging in America, NCOA, April 17, 2012
ncoa logo

If you missed the 2012 American Society on Aging, Aging in America Conference in Washington, DC last month, there's still a chance for you to learn what's new in the field. The National Council on Aging posted all of its presentations online, where you can download them for free. Topics include falls prevention, funding sources, isolated seniors, Older Americans Act reauthorization, and much more.

Transparency is the New Leadership Imperative

Transparency is the New Leadership Imperative, April 11, 2012, Harvard Business Review Blog Network, by Dorie Clark 

According toHBR blog Dorie Clark, a strategy consultant and author of the forthcoming Reinventing You: Define Your Brand, Imagine Your Future (Harvard Business Review Press 2013), transparency is the new leadership imperative. Here are three reasons the new leadership imperative is all about transparency.

  1. To know you is to love you.
  2. Transparency is brand insurance.
  3. You attract like-minded talent.    
Whether it's in person (through speeches, meetings, or one-on-one interactions) or leveraging social media, it's more essential than ever for leaders to embrace transparency. Employees, customers, and shareholders need to understand your vision, your values, and your approach. That doesn't mean putting on an aura of mystique, because if it's not coming naturally, people can see through it. Instead, the new leadership imperative is to make yourself known.

Read the entire article to learn more about importance of transparency among new leaders. 

PurchasingPoint Announces Summer Discounts on Car Rentals 

With summer approaching AJFCA's partner, PurchasingPoint, a program that enables national nonprofits and their affiliate networks to purchase products and services at substantial discounts, announces car rental discounts available for business and personal use. National and Enterprise discounts avenational human servcies assembly logorage 55-56%. Organizations utilizing this contract collectively saved $70,000 in 2010 and $470,000 in 2011! These and other discounts available to employees are highlighted on this flyer.


If you have any questions about the car rental discounts or the program in general, please feel free to contact Natasha Ghent-Rodriguez.

featured agency

The Jewish Child Care Association has been spearheading an advocacy effort with the Governor's Office and the New York State Legislature to provide funding for the landmark Safe Harbor Law which was enacted in 2008 but never funded. JCCA's efforts were successful this year under the leadership of Amy Cohen, JCCA's Director of Government Grants and Lashauna Cutts, Director of Gateways. The State budget was modified to include $1.5 million for the development of services and programs for children who are victims and not criminals.


NY Times columnist and Pulitzer Prize winner Nicholas Kristof contacted JCCA in mid-April requesting an on-site visit to Gateways and interviews with staff and the girls treated in the program. He visited the campus. Kristof's visit resulted in this article, featured in the New York Times Op-Ed, a part of Kristof's continuing coverage on child sex trafficking.

Toronto Star's, LIFE section featured the annual High Conflict Symposium, hosted by Jewish Family and Child Service of Greater Toronto. The High Conflict Symposium conference was well attended with ovToronto JFCSer 350 professionals (judges; lawyers; psychologists and mental health professionals and child welfare staff from 21 CASs across Ontario).

The feedback on the symposium was excellent and many of AJFCA's Canadian agencies volunteered time to assist and/or attended. The Symposium was a collaborative event pertaining to leading edge professional development both within JFCS Toronto and with their community partners.


National Center for Benefits Outreach & Enrollment  

Did you ever wonder how to get the answer to a tricky question about a benefit like LIS, SNAP, or Medicaid? Want ways to find out for yourself before you call in an "expert" to help you? It's not that hard-you just need to know where and how to look.ncoa logo


NCOA's April webinars will offer you the tools you need to get your questions answered and inform your discussions with governmental agencies and other experts. You'll learn how to dig into the law, the regulations, and official governmental policy guidance.


Finding the Answers You Need When You Need Them

Friday, April 27, 2:00pm ET - REGISTER HERE


Save MORE Money for your Jewish Family & Children's Services Agency  

You are invited to attend a webinar on how to Save MORE Money for your Jewish Family & Children's Services Agency. This webinar is designed for CEOs, Executive Directors, HR Directors, and CFOs in AJFCA's network.


At this webinar you will learn:

  • Why nonprofit employers are paying more for their unemployment taxes--and what it costs you. 
  • Understanding the legal option for nonprofits to leave the unemployment tax system and just reimburse the state for claims.             
  •  How your nonprofit can potentially save thousands of dollars annually with this reimbursing option.
  • Learn about the advantages and disadvantages and whether it's right for your nonprofit. (Best for nonprofits with over $1 million in payroll.)  
  • How 501(c) Agencies Trust helps AJFCA member agencies reimburse, safely and securely, with services to reduce your costs.

Save MO501c for newsletterRE Money for your Jewish Family & Children's Services Agency

Monday, April 30th, 12:00pm ET

Wednesday, May 2nd, 12:00pm ET



Please contact Heidi Posada, 800-442-4867 x142 with questions. 


27 Ways to Increase Engagement on Your Facebook Page 

According to a recent sNTENurvey by NTEN, 89% of nonprofits are currently using Facebook to expand awareness around their cause, and grow their fan base. One challenge that many nonprofits face is keeping fans interested and engaged after they like their page. This webinar, led by John Haydon, will give you 27 specific ways that you can engage Facebook users.   

You will learn include:

  • Three shocking facts about every Facebook Page
  • What types of content get more exposure in news feeds
  • How to use closed and open questions to spark conversations
  • Plus more tips for making your Facebook Page awesome

27 Ways to Increase Engagement on Your Facebook Page  

Tuesday, May 1st, 1:00pm ET - REGISTER HERE 


Social Innovation: From Demonstrating Effectiveness to Scaling Impact

Join Andrew Wolk, Founder & CEO of Root Cause for a conversation with social innovators about their successes, challenges and advice to others.


Doreen Treacy, Director of the Civic Health Institute, Dotwell, and Karen Van Unenm, Dotwell COO will share how Dotwell collected and used performance data about the Fiscal Health Vital Signs project, an early stage innovation to move people from poverty to self-sufficiency. You will learn how Dotwell, a Root Cause Social Innovator in 2011, has used data to demonstrate the impact of its model. They will also discuss the uses of data for continuous improvement that can help move the project to the next level.  


Bob Giannino-Racine, CEO of ACCESS will discuss how ACCESS, a college access initiative, took on the challenges of scaling a successful innovation, from raising funds to partnering for high quality service delivery.

Participants will come away from this event with valuable lessons about key steps of the innovation process.


Social Innovation: From Demonstrating Effectiveness to Scaling Impact

Tuesday, May 1st, 3:00pm ET - REGISTER HERE


Nonprofit Sustainability: Understanding and Changing Your Business Model in 90 Minutes

Too often program goals are discussed separately from financial means, although we all know that both must be discussed together. Jan Masaoka and Steve Zimmerman will present the methodology for doing so from the book they recently co-authored (with Jeanne Bell): Nonprofit Sustainability: Making Strategic Decisions for Financial Viability. This free webinar will present a fresh look at choosing the mix of programs, earned income, and donations that will be sustainable for your organization.


Nonprofit Sustainability: Understanding and Changing Your Business Model in 90 Minutes

Wednesday, May 3rd, 11:00am PT - REGISTER HERE

_____________________________________________________________________________________  The Affordable Care Act

hhs logoThe Department of Health and Human Services Center for Faith-Based and Neighborhood Partnerships For Faith and Community Leaders is hosting interactive conference calls on the health care law.


Call-in information will be made available 24 hours in advance. Please send questions in advance of the call to  ACA101@hhs.gov.


The Health Care Law and Access to Care

Wednesday, May 16th at 1:00pm ET - REGISTER HERE

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