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AJFCA's Facebook Page

AJFCA has created a Facebook page and we want can't wait to share it with you. Please visit AJFCA on Facebook and let us know if you LIKE us! Feel free to post a comment or a photo. We want your agency name and logo on our Facebook page.


Do you know what Derech Eretz means? If you do, please post the definition on AJFCA's Facebook page!


The first agency to post the correct definition will be featured on the AJFCA website.

Agency Colladdictionaboration 

Diane Burnett, Director of the Alternatives to Addictions Program at JFS  Seattle, would like to establish a working group of professionals in  the field of Addictions Counseling at AJFCA member agencies. She  envisions that this group would communicate via email to share ideas and strategies, for example: how to reach the hidden Jewish addict and how to engage and educate clergy. If you are interested in participating in this working group, please contact Diane.


Diane Burnett, dburnett@jfsseattle.org


Anne Rosenberg, Director of Marketing and Development with the Jewish Family Service Association of Cleveland, would like to know who is using Raiser's Edge, particularly the volunteer and event modules. Please email Anne (and include your phone number) if you are using Raiser's Edge. Anne will then call you to ask a few questions about your experiences with the tool.


Anne Rosenberg, arosenbe@jfsa-cleveland.org


We are looking forward to bringing back our member forums. Our new tool should be up and running by the end of next week. As your information is entered into the system you will receive an email with your username. Passwords will be distributed as soon as the system becomes operational.

Purchasing Point

AJFCA Agencies Reduce Costs, Increase Impact

AJFCA agencies are using Purchasing Point vendors to save money on office supplpurchasing pointiesfood, car rental, copiers, shipping, postage equipment, and more. The effect on the bottom line is clear: lower overhead means more resources are freed up to invest in programs and staff. Whichever product category, you can use this program's pricing to have a positive impact at your agency.


Purchasing Point is a program that allows participants to purchase goods and services from companies such as Federal Express, Staples, Dell, Sprint, Sherwin Williams and more at 20-40% discounts. It is FREE to our members as a benefit of your membership in AJFCA.


The most popular vendors in the AJFCA network are: 

Sprint:  Cell phones and services

FedEx:  Express delivery


Is your agency signed up for their discounted pricing? Sign up for Purchasing Point and begin accessing its benefits right away! Find these and other popular vendors on your Portal, and enter invitation code: AJFCA620.

Volunteering + Values

Repair the World Releases First Comprehensive Study on Attitudes and Behaviors of Jewish Millennials Towards Volunteering and Service

Repair the World is pleased to present the first-ever comprehensive study of contemporary Jewish young adults and their attitudes and behaviors towards community service. Entitled "Volunteering +Values: A Repair the World Report of Jewish Young Adults," the study was commissioned by Repair the World and conducted as a collaborative effort between the Cohen Center for Modern Jewish Studies at Brandeis University and Gerstein-Agne Strategic Communications.


Jon Rosenberg, CEO of Repair the World, will be joined by the key members of the research team for a web-based presentation on Monday, June 27th at 1:30PM ET. To join the webinar, click here. The event password is repair.


To learn more and access the entire study, please click here


 omaha staff

When Jewish Family Service of Omaha Director Karen Gustafson spied a waiter in a Denver restaurant wearing a lapel pin shaped like a jig-saw puzzle piece, she almost tackled him to the ground. "I'd wanted to get my hands on pins like that for a long time, but hadn't been able to locate the manufacturer. The startled waiter gave me the name of a source, and my quest was finally over." Why did Gustafson want those pins? "My goal was to show each JFS staff member that he or she is a necessary piece that fits together to complete the agency," she explained, as JFS of Omaha celebrated their 100th Anniversary.


The Texas Dephanukah presentartment of Aging and Disability services (DADS) will recognize Jewish Children's Regional Services of Louisana on July 20, 2011 at its annual Volunteer Recognition Program in Austin. Specifically, JCRS is being singled out for its program of shipping Hanukkah gift sets each year to long term residents of state schools/hospitals during the last 10 years. JCRS ships Hanukkah gift sets to 20-25 Texas institutional residents at 6-8 different locations. Accepting the recognition for JCRS will be Birmingham native Leslie Wearb Hirsh, a JCRS success story whose young family is now residing in Austin.

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