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Executive Briefing
D'Var Torah
2011 AJFCA Annual Conference
AJFCA Plans for their Best Conference Ever!
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May 15 - 17, 2011
AJFCA's 39th Annual Conference
Calgary, AB



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October 22, 2010
       14 Cheshvan 5771
Candle Lighting 6:01 PM 
Baltimore, MD
Greetings! ,

Executive Briefing                        
Lee I. Sherman
President & CEO

Creative Energy

I just returned from the AJFCA fall meetings in Boston.  We had meetings to plan the Annual Conference, conduct board business, think through AJFCA brand identity, and sessions with the CEO Council of AJFCA on the art and science of developing major gifts.  All of the meetings involved rich and robust discussions on a wide range of topics.  What always impresses me so much when the professional and lay leadership of our Jewish family service agencies get together is the tremendous passion for their work that the participants bring with them.  It is no wonder that our local communities are so well-served by our member agencies when the commitment and dedication of their leadership is so evident.  Thank you to all who participated in the meetings in Boston and to all of you who work with AJFCA throughout the year to strengthen the efforts of one another.

Agency Happenings

The great news and good work of our agencies is never-ending.  A few of the highlights from this week:


Jewish Family & Children's Service of Sarasota-Manatee has been selected as the Agency of the Year by the Alliance for Children and Families. Rose Chapman, LCSW, President and CEO of JFCS accepted the award at the 2010 Annual Conference on October 21st in Milwaukee, WI. One of three recipients of this prestigious national award, JFCS was selected because of its excellence in board participation and support, impact of advocacy efforts, and innovative programming.  "As a membership association, the Alliance is grateful that members such as JFCS are part of our strong network," said Peter B. Goldberg, President and CEO of the Alliance. "An inspiration to its peer organizations, JFCS is innovative and strategic in its daily execution of its mission."   This year, JFCS celebrates 25 years of service to the Sarasota-Manatee area, providing hope and healing to the entire community on a non-denominational basis.   Mazel tov on this terrific honor.

JFS Los Angeles has a Public Service Announcement airing on CBS throughout October in recognition of Domestic Violence Awareness Month featuring award winning actress Julianna Margulies ("The Good Wife"). The segment linked here is airing in southern California and another version is airing nationally with contact information to a national hotline through NDVH. www.jfsla.org/cbscares .

D'Var Torah

 D'var Torah

 Lee I. Sherman


I travel a fair amount these days, both to large cities and smaller towns.  As I write this, I am sitting in Mt. Vernon, Ohio, a few miles from my son's college.  I took an early morning walk around the town this morning and being on the wrong end of these late daylight savings days, it was dark for most of the walk.  Despite the lack of light, and the cool temperatures which had folks bundled up, and the fact that I was a total stranger to anyone I passed, as I went by they all nodded and spoke and wished me a good morning.  I felt welcomed.


In this week's parashah, Va-yera, the opening scene has the recently circumcised (and certainly in discomfort) Avraham running from his tent to greet three strangers who are passing by.  Of course, we learn that the three are angels, but for Avraham, he is not discriminating because of who his guests may be, he is welcoming to all.  This is a beautiful example of the mitzvah of welcoming guests - the act of which is fulfillment enough, although Avraham and Sarah do gain the reward of a son after their graciousness with their guests.


It is not always so easy to be welcoming to strangers these days.  We live in a world of violence and terror which breeds suspicion.  We are all very busy moving through our own spheres each day.  Maybe the world is too complicated and neither trusting nor trustworthy enough to bring strangers into our homes as Avraham so readily did.  But, certainly we are capable of a smile, a nod, and a greeting, like the people of Mt. Vernon, that can make a stranger feel welcome. 


Shabbat Shalom


Calgary logo


2011 AJFCA Annual Conference

                               Ann Zeller 

                               Director, Meetings and Conferences                 


AJFCA Plans for their Best Conference Ever!


The AJFCA Annual Conference is great for lots of reasons -- the guest speakers and presenters are just as amazing as the attendees, and the program sessions and the networking opportunities for both AJFCA professional and lay leaders can't be matched anywhere else. It has been and always will be.... The best conference ever!


Every year we've raised the bar.

The 2011 AJFCA Annual Conference Committee met last week and began the huge and exciting process of planning an even more effective conference this coming May. Last year's was extremely successful and this Conference Committee intends to top that.

The committee realizes that many of our attendees will be traveling a considerable distance to attend and are focusing their efforts to produce a program with a fresh new look and cutting edge/interactive conference events.... not to be missed. Many thanks to them for all their hard work and efforts.

So, stay tuned to my column in this e-newsletter for the latest information regarding the upcoming best conference ever!

P.S. This year's conference will be Thriving in the New Frontier.