As state leaders negotiate the final budget, we need you to act now to boost environmental funding and create jobs with the Environmental Protection Fund (EPF).  


Last week, Albany lawmakers unveiled proposals to grow the EPF -- which protects and enhances parks, preserves imperiled habitat and encourages recycling.   


Lawmakers deserve a hearty applause for enhancing the EPF, but state leaders need to hear that the public supports this proposal or the EPF may not grow at all.


That's why we need your help today. Please contact our state leaders and ask them to protect New York's environment by making the EPF as strong as it can be!


Take action now! Here's how:


Send the message below to state leaders today, either via email or phone call.


Thank you for maintaining the Environmental Protection Fund in the state budget. The EPF is important to my community because it protects our parks, clean water, local farms, and zoos and provides funding for waterfront redevelopment and recycling programs. All of these things create local jobs and boost our economy. There is an exciting opportunity to make even more progress this year. As you continue work on the state budget, please commit to growing the EPF in the future with money from the state's existing Bottle Bill. A bigger EPF will protect our natural resoures, public health, and provide clean, green jobs in communities throughout New York. Thank you again for your support!


Thank you for taking action to support environmental funding! 

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