Help save trails funding from extinction


That's right. Trails funding as we know it may soon cease to exist.  If the present drafts of the new federal transportation bill put forward by the House and Senate become law, the Recreational Trails (RTP), Transportation Enhancements (TEP), and Safe Routes to School (SR2S) programs will be slashed and quite likely be eliminated. 


During the last 20 years, dedicated funding for trails and bicycle and pedestrian programs has:

  • contributed to the renaissance of our cities and towns
  • fostered a new kind of tourism
  • added more dollars to local economies
  • enhanced our safety, health and quality of life

Hundreds of trail projects across New York State owe their existence to the Transportation Enhancements Program.


Take a moment to think what these programs have accomplished where you live and help us meet this challenge!


Here's the problem. 

On Thursday, February 2, the House Transportation & Infrastructure Committee will vote on the House version of the transportation bill called the American Energy and Infrastructure Jobs Act (H.R. 7). This bill is expected to eliminate the two largest programs that fund bicycling and walking infrastructure -Transportation Enhancements and Safe Routes to School.


 Your help is needed NOW:


Call or email your Congressional representative. Ask that he or she introduce an amendment to the House bill that would include dedicated funding for TEP, RTP and SR2S. 


New York representatives on the key Transportation and Infrastructure Committee include Richard Hanna (R) of Utica, Jerrold Nadler (D) of Brooklyn, and Timothy Bishop (D) of Long Island.


For talking points, read our letter to Congressman Hanna, Vice-Chairman of the Highways and Transit subcommittee.


Please help us save these programs!



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