Anvil Logo

Anvil Studios recently created a new design language for Meyer Sound's new line of digital products. D-Mitri, named after the founder's grandson, is their new line of high-end digital audio processors that will be used in world-class entertainment venues including theatres, cruise ships, theme parks, and large spectacle shows. The new design language needed to reflect the brand's attributes of premium quality, confidence, + reliability while retaining the company's tradition of over 31 years of audio excellence.

Our design solution is an elegant CNC-machined aluminum bezel with brushed + anodized finishes, manufactured in the USA. The new all-digital processors allows for a clean and sophisticated design without the clutter of buttons, knobs, and blinking lights. The D-Mitri logo is LED backlit, doubling as the power-on indicator; and the venting details are used to tie the branding elements together. The refined design solutions look beautiful in both single + multiple configurations, once again proving the point that less is truly more. Meyer Sound website

DMitri 2