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Introducing CAL, enclosure designed by Anvil Studios, Inc  for Meyer Sound Laboratories in Berkeley, California.

This family of highly advanced Column Array Loudspeakers (CAL) utilizes proprietary sound steering technology for precisely directing the sound in large open environments where the clarity of voice reproduction is critical.
Meyer Sound needed the new designs to convey a premium look + feel, while sharing similarities with their other existing products. In addition, the loudspeaker designs needed to blend seamlessly + elegantly into their intended environments: large public spaces such as airports + places of worship.

Our design solution is an architecturally inspired, sophisticated, + graceful form language that highlights the vertical + ultra-thin proportions inherent in the functional nature of these loudspeaker enclosures.

The final form retains the high-level of aesthetics + professional language found throughout Meyer Sound's product lines. This includes the usage of hexagonal elements + chamfered detailing, which inspired the bold, chamfered faces running the full length of the front grill + end-caps.

CAL's vertical element is further emphasized by the collection of heat-sinks running the length of the spine. And we reduced the visual mass by tapering the extruded body from front to back with an accelerated round that guarantees a single, narrow highlight from any viewing angle.

These elements come together, producing a dynamic + visually strong design that makes CAL appear even more streamlined. Meyer Sound Laboratories.

MS CAL sketches