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Anvil Studios, Inc. is pleased to announce our latest design: the iconic, easy to clean, BPA free, toxin free, stainless steel, eco-friendly + reusable water bottle named ALEX!

To celebrate, Nice Reusables, Inc is offering an exclusive, limited time promotion allowing Friends + Family to Pre-Order ALEX before it hits retail stores. The promotion ends 20.May 2010, so be the first to own + love your very own ALEX bottle!
alex bottle 1
CLEANable. comPACKable, customSIZEable.

ALEX is able. The unique design of this bottle features a patent pending mid-body split, called the Clean Seam Technology. This allows ALEX to be easily cleaned by hand or in the dishwasher, compacts down to half size for space-saving for shipping + traveling, and is a modular design that  allows for mix-n-matching between bottle colors + sizes.
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